Sheridan: Why LeBron James is not the MVP … yet

First of all, because the season is not over. Second of all, because as good as he has been over the past five games, he hasn’t been as good over as long of a haul as Kevin Durant, who retained the No. 1 position in the latest edition of the SheridanHoops MVP rankings.

Yes, LeBron has gone for 30 in five straight games, shooting over 60 percent.

That gives him 19 games of 30 points or more — three fewer than Durant, who has scored 40 or more five times to LeBron’s zero.

And the final point, at this point … is the record of the two teams. Yes, Miami is leading the Eastern Conference and is achieving some separation from the pack. But they are a 12-11 road team, and expectations have to be set higher for the reigning NBA champions. Durant’s team, by the way, is 16-9 on the road while playing in the tougher conference.


More on this debate in the video below with CineSport’s Noah Coslov:


  1. Celeb says

    He scored over 40 points 5 times.. Really? That’s it? He plays in the tougher Conference; The Heat are 17 and 5 against the Western Conference. Well, KD is the leader of a team that’s been smacked in the face by the Heat 5 times in a row. There’s that.

  2. Salazar says

    In conclusion, for Sheridan most high scoring games, or greater number of games with many point, = most valuable. I thought the scoring title for the leading scorer at the end of the season took care of that, but what do I know. Also, he acts as if LeBron’s scoring run is about him scoring 30 points, it isn’t. What is really amazing is the efficiency it’s being done with. In that regard LeBron has no competition to how consistently shot the ball well. For comparison, Durant has had 17 games where he shot under 50%, LeBron 8, all season! This doesn’t take away from Durant, but does help put LeBron’s amazing efficiency in perspective.

  3. Ugh says

    You know, I had to hit page down seven times before I found the video that was booming this noise through my stereo late at night. Most people don’t bother looking for the video, they just close the tab.

    (Hint: Autoplay, especially buried halfway down a page filled with content, sucks, dude.)

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