Down on Prigioni, Knicks seeking backup PG

The New York Knicks are actively seeking to trade for a backup point guard, having lost faith in Pablo Prigioni’s ability to run the team in the event Raymond Felton gets injured again, league sources tell

Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld reported Wednesday that the Knicks had been in discussions with the Minnesota Timberwolves and expressed interest in Luke Ridnour, who is on the trading block — as reported more than a week ago.

But with coach Mike Woodson going on the radio in New York and telling Stephen A. Smith that Iman Shumpert will not be traded (despite the wisdom of such a move, as columnist Moke Hamilton has argued), there is very little on the Knicks roster that can be considered a movable asset with so many players either on large contracts or nearing the end of their careers.

But one exception is Steve Novak, who led the league in 3-point accuracy last season but has seen his playing time drastically reduced since Amare Stoudemire returned to the  rotation a month ago.

Novak makes $4.05 million, which matches up well with Ridnour’s $4 million salary for next season and $4.3 million in 2013-14.

When Felton missed 12 games due to injury in late December and January, Woodson started Jason Kidd at the point rather than Prigioni, who at 35 is the oldest rookie in NBA history.


  1. Harris says

    The Headline is clearly off, and misleading. The Knicks have not lost any faith in Prigioni, it’s just that while Felton was hurt they didn’t have anybody with the ability to penetrate. Prigioni is good, but only in the role he’s currently in.

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