Down on Prigioni, Knicks seeking backup PG

But Kidd was often scorched by younger and quicker players, and his 12-game stretch of playing heavy minutes included an 0-for-5 shooting night against the Bulls and an 0-for-6 night against the Blazers — both losses.

Kidd is clearly more comfortable at this stage of his career playing off the ball as a spot up shooter (of his 269 shots this season, 205 have been 3-pointers), and Prigioni shares a similar problem with Kidd — he is too slow to keep up with opposing PGs on defense.

So if the Knicks make a deal before next Thursday’s deadline, expect it to be for a backup point guard.

Personally, I feel the best fit for their team would be Will Bynum of the Detroit Pistons, who I have maintained is the Player Most Likely to be Traded before the Feb. 21 deadline. But that’s just me.


  1. Harris says

    The Headline is clearly off, and misleading. The Knicks have not lost any faith in Prigioni, it’s just that while Felton was hurt they didn’t have anybody with the ability to penetrate. Prigioni is good, but only in the role he’s currently in.

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