Fantasy Spin: LeBron Unstoppable; Twelve Games & $300 Freeroll Tonight


Money For Nothing in Wednesday Freeroll

It’s been a sensation on Fridays, with over 1,000 entries in two of the last three weeks. The Sheridan Hoops Freeroll closes at 7:00 EST tonight. It’s a one-night fantasy league, easy to play but difficult to win.

On Tuesday, I entered three $5 Snake drafts and won two for a $12 profit, but finished just out of the money in my GPP leagues: 66th of 550 and 39th of 275. The $100 weekly bankroll is down to $75 and with just two nights left, we are stepping up to the metaphorical plate this evening and swinging for the fences.

There are only seven Qualifiers left for the $250,000 DraftStreet Basketball Championship, which has a grand prize of $50,000 and will pay out an additional fifty grand to the others who reach the Main Event. Tonight’s contest has an $11 entry fee and pays $350 for second from a total of $1,500 in consolation prizes. The winner advances to the next round, where last place is worth $1,000 cash.

Freeroll 15 Feb. 13
Stars Over $13,000
Josh Smith $17,403
Chris Paul $17,488
LaMarcus Aldridge $17,864
Blake Griffin $15,905
Brook Lopez $15,442
Scrubs Under $9,000
Luke Ridnour $8,689
Jason Terry $8,903
Reggie Evans $8,570
Tyshawn Taylor $4,181
Avery Bradley $7,509
Starters $9,000 to $13,000
Jameer Nelson $12,757
Spencer Hawes $12,012
Robin Lopez $11,664
Ryan Anderson $10,216
Ricky Rubio $10,981

Today’s chart is for the Freeroll only. Salaries may be slightly different in the DSBBC Qualifier and other Wednesday leagues, as they are adjusted every day. We offer five suggestions in the top, bottom and middle price ranges. Unless I have a change of heart or react to breaking news before the 7:00 EST deadline, here’s my lineup:

F1 Blake Griffin (LAC-F) $15,905
F2 Ryan Anderson (NO-F) $10,216
G1 Chris Paul (LAC-G) $17,488
G2 Bradley Beal (WAS-G) $9,085
C1 Greg Monroe (DET-C) $16,761
C2 Robin Lopez (NO-C) $11,664
U1 Tiago Splitter (SA-C) $11,349
U2 Avery Bradley (BOS-G) $7,509

With a dozen games, there are countless other choices and literally millions of possible 8-man combinations. You might prefer to key on Carmelo Anthony, Josh Smith or Kyrie Irving, but I’m putting my hopes on the Clippers’ dynamic duo. Be aware that there are injury concerns for three of the four most expensive players. The middle price range is absolutely loaded with options — you can put together a very competitive roster without straying too far from the $12,500 average salary.

There’s no downside to entering tonight’s Freeroll, which pays out $300 in cash (via PayPal) to the top 15 finishers. It’s always fun, win or lose.

The Fantasy Spin is here every morning by 10:00 EST. Mitch McClure previews the upcoming week on Sunday afternoon. Follow us on Twitter — @SheridanFantasy — for updates.

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