Harden a 14-1 pick to be All-Star MVP in Houston

HOUSTON — Who will be the MVP of the 2013 All-Star Game?

The oddsmakers are seriously down on Tim Duncan, who may not even play, but they are offering a couple of value bets, too.

If I was a gambler (which I am not, unless we are talking poker), I’d take a flyer on James Harden of the Houston Rockets, who will be playing on his home court and will be the only player with a majority of the crowd behind him.

Harden is a 14-1 pick. LeBron James is a nice pick, too, at 7-1 — especially with what he has been doing lately.

Here are the rest of the players’ MVP odds, courtesy of bovada.lv.

Odds to win the 2013 NBA All Star Game Most Valuable Player                       

Kevin Durant (West)                   13/2

LeBron James (East)                    7/1

Kobe Bryant (West)                    15/2

Blake Griffin (West)                     15/2

Carmelo Anthony (East)            9/1

Dwyane Wade (East)                    9/1

Chris Paul (West)                        12/1

James Harden (West)                14/1

Kyrie Irving  (East)                    15/1

Dwight Howard (West)              16/1

Russell Westbrook (West)       18/1

Kevin Garnett  (East)                 20/1

Tony Parker (West)                    20/1

Jrue Holiday  (East)                   25/1

Brook Lopez  (East)                    25/1

LaMarcus Aldridge (West)      25/1

Chris Bosh (East)                         30/1

Paul George  (East)                     35/1

Zach Randolph (West)              35/1

David Lee (West)                         45/1

Luol Deng  (East)                         45/1

Tyson Chandler  (East)             50/1

Joakim Noah  (East)                  50/1

Tim Duncan (West)                    60/1

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