Fantasy Spin: Spurs Get Healthy, Celtics Win Ugly, Nets Romp

Last Chance This Week on DraftStreet

Again, a nice job by “blequin97” to capture the $100 first prize over 754 others in last night’s Freeroll. Second place was worth 60 bucks to “majid123” and “jbeckoff” earned $30 for third.

I finished nowhere (#279 if you must know) and the rest of my Wednesday was unsuccessful, so with one day remaining in this short week, the $100 bankroll is down to just $45, all of which will be invested in various $2 and $5 leagues tonight.

That’s right, even with only two games on the NBA calendar, there are Salary Cap and Pick ‘Em leagues. It’s actually kind of fun, with more limited options than usual but still a surprising number of possible 8-man combinations. There certainly is some high-priced superstar talent to choose from.

DraftStreet15Feb. 13
StarsOver $13,000
LeBron James$23,649
Kevin Durant$21,302
Chris Paul$19,232
Blake Griffin$16,634
Kobe Bryant$16,482
ScrubsUnder $9,000
Kevin Martin$8,081
Matt Barnes$7,675
Thabo Sefolosha$6,927
Chauncey Billups$6,499
Caron Butler$5,647
Starters$9,000 to $13,000
Steve Nash$12,097
Earl Clark$11,857
Antawn Jamison$9,252
Metta World Peace$10,005
Jamal Crawford$10,702

Today’s chart makes five suggestions in the top, bottom and middle price ranges. You can make unlimited changes until the 8:00 EST deadline, but for now, here’s my lineup:

F1 LeBron James (MIA-F) $23,649
F2 Metta World Peace (LAL-F) $10,005
G1 Russell Westbrook (OKC-G) $17,095
G2 Jamal Crawford (LAC-G) $10,702
C1 Chris Bosh (MIA-C) $15,827
C2 DeAndre Jordan (LAC-C) $10,292
U1 Caron Butler (LAC-F) $5,647
U2 Chauncey Billups (LAC-G) 6,499

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