SH Blog: The Three-Man Weave, Week 2

What a first half of the season, huh?

As we head into the break, the Three-Man Weave covers LeBron James’ remarkable run, what to look forward to during All-Star Weekend 2013 edition, and which teams may be poised for a second-half push that sneaks them into the postseason.

Without further ado, the second edition of the Three-Man Weave:

First Pass: Can LeBron James maintain his legendary 30 Point, 60% shooting pace?

Jeremy Bauman: The easy answer here is saying no. But that wouldn’t be any fun, nor do I believe it.

James, at 28, is finally reaching the prime of his career, and has Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, more than adequate role players, a steady coaching staff and a capable front office in place. Combine that with the fact that he is playing the most efficient and powerful brand of ball of his career.

The scariest part is that the this is just beginning; the ceiling is probably even further away.

But I don’t think he will keep this up for the remainder of the season, because he doesn’t need to average 30 a night for the Heat to win and can burn you in so many ways at the offensive end. But, as James has shown over the past six games, don’t rule it out. He’s playing the game at peace of mind and with confidence, a dangerous combination.

Maxwell Ogden:  Chances are James is going to be held to less than 60 percent shooting at some point this season. There’s an even better chance that he fails to hit 30 points at some stage. With that said, he gets to the basket with such ease that it’s plausible to believe that both numbers are sustainable.

As long as his jumper keeps falling and he improves his free throw shooting, James can score 30 points on 60 percent shooting every time out. If those two factors falter, however, LeBron could come back down to his realm of reality—one that is far above the rest.

Ben BaroffDon’t take what James is doing on the basketball court right now for granted.

The numbers are daunting: 185 points on just 92 shots over six games, and the only player to score 30 points and shoot better than 60 percent in that span.

But as impressive (and unprecedented) a run as it has been the last two weeks, it’s not going to continue for the long haul. Think of LeBron’s hot streak like any other hot streak in sports, such as when Tom Brady can’t seem to throw an incomplete pass for weeks on end, or when Justin Verlander can’t be hit for months at a time.

Like Brady and Verlander, LeBron is in the zone right now. When a player like James is in that zone, his good is better than anybody else’s good. It just doesn’t last forever.

Second Pass: What part of All-Star Weekend are you most looking forward to?

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