Fantasy Spin: Heat & Clippers Win Midseason Bragging Rights

NBA on DraftStreet Resumes Tuesday

The four-day week I hate so much in Head-to-Head leagues turned out just fine in daily contests. When I went to bed, the game in Los Angeles was just beginning, and there was a mere $14 left in the $100 weekly bankroll. Imagine my surprise this morning to see I’d won $215 while sound asleep!

In the $1,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool, my three teams at $2 each finished 7th ($30), 8th ($25) and 14th ($15) out of 550 teams. That contest is my ‘bread and butter’ every day. Often, if it fills early enough, a $500 GPP is added, limited to 275 teams. I came fourth ($40), sixth ($20) and ninth ($15) in that one. Two of my three teams in the $750 GPP at $5 each also paid off — fifth was worth $55 and tenth $15.

It was easy, really. I loved the Clippers and they scored 125 points. In the first half of the doubleheader, I correctly guessed that LeBron James and Chris Bosh were the best plays. Using Bosh and DeAndre Jordan at C on every lineup, I mixed and matched in the other spots. Inexpensive fillers like Chauncey Billups and Caron Butler came through.

Normally, I’d reinvest the profits over the weekend, but there’s a four-day break from fantasy hoops. In true Canadian style, we are heading north, to a comfortable cottage on the shores of Lake Kashagawigamog. There will be reading by the fire, cuddling with a one-month-old grandson, delicious meals and various refreshments. As long as the slow DSL connection stays up and my cranky old laptop doesn’t die, there will also be abbreviated fantasy articles. Normal programming will resume on Tuesday.

If you’re a college basketball fan, enjoy the PGA tour or follow hockey, DraftStreet has leagues this weekend. I’m on hiatus until the NBA kicks back into gear. Good luck!

The Fantasy Spin is here each morning by 10:00 EST. Mitch McClure previews the upcoming week on Sunday afternoon. Follow us on Twitter — @SheridanFantasy — for updates.

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