NBA players react to All-Star Slam Dunk Contest

The last 2 dunks look real familiar lmao.
Jason Richardson
Chuck and Shaq lmaooo
Charles Jenkins
What in the hell happen? It started off so promising. Smh
Jason Richardson
Dunk contest ain't da same no more...ran out of dunks to do!!!
Jordan Craig Hill
I hope Gerald can bring it home. The champ is here!
Roy Hibbert
“@: Thinkin bout Dunk Contest for nxt yr!?!” Shump too
Iman Shumpert

Tweet of the Night: Steve Kerr

Tweet of the Day: Kevin Love


  1. Ugh says

    Every one of these guys is a MUCH better dunker than they seemed in the contest. The issue was that all of them had bad nerves. Why? Because the dunk contest is the most exposure any of them have ever had. Put in a megastar – LeBron, Durant, Rose, etc – and the dunks may not be as athletic, but they won’t lose the ball fifteen times on one attempt. That’s the reason the dunk contests with Dr J, ‘Nique, Jordan, etc seemed so good even if the dunks are a little tame by today’s standards. Those guys were too tough to flake.

    • says

      I hear the type of ball they used (for advertising purposes) was difficult to grip. That might explain why these guys had so much trouble converting, which sucks. Gerald Green has done this plenty of times before, so it’s hard to believe his nerve got the better of him.

  2. John says

    If superstars had been in it, and they had done the exact same dunks, everyone would be falling all over themselves how it was Top 5 All-Time Contest!

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