Heisler on Buss: As owners go, he stands alone

There have been three true NBA dynasties, but only one that is attributable to an owner. Red Auerbach, a coach and general manager, gets all the credit for Boston’s dominance in the 1960s; Michael Jordan merits the same in Chicago for his pair of three-peats with the Bulls, and Jerry Buss, who died Monday at age 80, deserves major props for what he did with the Lakers.

“I thought that he and Jerry West were the greatest management team I’ve ever seen,” SheridanHoops columnist Mark Heisler says in this report with CineSport’s Brian Clark.

As for how the death of the family patriarch will impact the Lakers moving forward, especially with the trade deadline looming, Dwight Howard unhappy and Kobe Bryant ambivalent, Heisler said: “They are in a very problematic place, and it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.”


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