Top five memories from 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend

LeBron James came into the weekend with the hype he’s built through the monstrous 60 percent, 30-point tear that he’d been on for nearly seven straight games.

Kevin Durant dropped (another) 30-spot: It was his third straight 30-point All-Star game.

Kobe Bryant made an timely, game-sealing block with the West up 134-126 and under 2:40 seconds to play in the game.

Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade each played a well-rounded game.

What do all of these players have in common?

Despite their All-Star game performances, they didn’t do enough to make this particular list of the top five memories of the 2013 NBA All-Star weekend in Houston, Texas.

One point guard stole the show and shed light on what the future has to offer, while another crafted a masterpiece performance in the All-Star game, reminding everyone that he’s the definition of a true lead guard.

Here are my top five memories from my first NBA All-Star weekend:

Kyrie Irving: “He’s gonna be unbelievable,” said LeBron James. “He’s already unbelievable in this league right now. What he’s gonna do in the future, it’s gonna be crazy… He belongs here.”

Irving came to All-Star weekend in Houston with an agenda, and his trifecta of performances further exemplified this kid’s ability to step up when he’s in the limelight.

“This weekend was just basically about earning everybody’s respect and getting a chance for people to see me that don’t usually see me,” he said before the All-Star Game. “This weekend is to show my face to the fans and get everybody acclimated to my face in the league.”

Friday night: Carve up the Team Shaq defense to the tune of 32 points (14-20 FG) while making highlight reel plays and making the atmosphere seem as if he were playing in a high school All-Star game?

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