Sheridan: Five Potential Trades That Make Sense

Will it Happen? I’d say it’s a 50-50 proposition. Mitch Kupchak doesn’t want to trade Howard, but Kupchak isn’t in charge. Jim Buss is. Lakers need to acquire rebuilding assets. Something is better than nothing, this season is lost already, and this deal does not alter their long-term cap plan.

2. Al Jefferson from Utah Jazz to San Antonio Spurs for Tiago Splitter, Nando DeColo/Patty Mills, Stephen Jackson, the rights to Erazem Lorbek and a No. 1 pick.

jazz small logoWhy it Makes Sense for Utah: They will lose Jefferson for nothing this summer if he leaves as a free agent, and they have a capable starting center in Enes Kanter who is ready to move into a bigger role. They are not fooling themselves into thinking they are a championship contender this season, and they get a return on Jefferson along with a point guard to keep the playmaker seat warm until Mo Williams is ready to return. Kanter/Splitter ain’t bad at center for the next five years. If they do a Paul Millsap deal, too, they trade him for their future PG.

spurs small logoWhy it Makes Sense for San Antonio: They upgrade at center from Splitter, whose game has improved considerably, and they get a center whose defensive shortcomings are well-chronicled but can be fixed with the proper prodding from the proper coach, Gregg Popovich. They strengthen what is already the best team in the West, and they get the payoff they were after since the day they hired Scott Layden away from the Jazz to be their assistant GM. They also make a deal with their “incestuous” buddies (explained in the link).

Will It Happen? I lean 60-40 in favor of yes. Jazz can’t lose Jefferson for nothing, and GM Dennis Lindsey was in Spurs’ front office when they got Lorbek’s rights from Pacers in George Hill deal. Lorbek is good.

3. Will Bynum from Detroit Pistons to Oklahoma City Thunder for Eric Maynor and Toronto’s No.  1 pick.

pistons small logoWhy it Makes Sense for Detroit: They get a pick that likely will be in the mid-lottery (Raptors’ pick is protected 1-3), replacing the pick they sent to the Bobcats in the Corey Maggette-Ben Gordon trade. And they get a return on Bynum, who is on an expiring contract. If Toronto hits the lottery and keeps its pick, the Pistons would get it in 2014 – when the protection drops to top 2. (The pick becomes unprotected in 2018.)

magic small logoWhy it Makes Sense for Oklahoma City: They get a veteran, savvy player who can replace what left with James Harden left (ballhandling capability). They also get someone who can cut down on the high number of turnovers from Russell Westbrook, who can play off the ball if Bynum (who scores more than 40 percent of his points in fourth quarters) is running the point. They ditch Maynor, who is in Scott Brooks’ doghouse. They don’t have to rely on untested Reggie Jackson as their fail-safe, which could be a season-killer.

Will it happen? Sam Presti loves having lottery picks, but he also knows when to cash in a valuable trade chip. Luke Ridnour might be his fallback. 


  1. says

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  2. says

    That Lakers/Nets deal is the most ridiculous trade I’ve seen in quite a while. Whoever thinks that actually has a chance of happening are people who hope it ends up happening.

    What are the Lakers even getting out of that? Tyshawn Taylor playing behind Steve Nash? Who cares. What the hell is he going to be? And MarShon Brooks becoming another Jordan Crawford? I mean that trade scenario was so incomprehensible it’s comical.

    But yeah, I bet Jim Buss is rushing to the phones so he can acquire that stretch-four Teletovic.

    • Jon says

      Spot on… The thought that the Lakers who next year could be a player or two away from another title run would trade the “No. 1″ center in the league for a bunch of parts just good enough to keep you out of the playoffs for years to come is just silly. However, a multiteam multiplayer deal that would include Lopez and maybe Rondo (who Boston seems ready to move) and Brooklyn throwing in draft picks… Maybe something like this:

      All three teams seem motivated. None would have to swallow a poison pill to make it happen. All have indicated willingness to move these players. Lakers unload a max contract for to mid level contracts which is more precisely what they have said they want to do rather than what Sheridan seems to think they want. Lakers also still have an amnesty in their back pocket. Use that and resign Earl Clark and next season looks very bright.

      Brooklyn gets the man they have been after for two years. Lakers get a happy annulment of Dwight Howard. Boston replaces Ray Allen and makes one more run at a title while Pierce and Garnet still can. Works for me.

  3. BullySixChicago says

    A lot of speculation of these possible trades if one of them happens the author can say he had a great week if nothing happens who gives a sh*t. I am sure teams recieving the guys mention in trades would be happy as heck but Howard to Nets without Lopez wont happen, I dont think the Jazz are that stupid to trade Jefferson for the trash mention by the author, nor do I think the Thunder would trade anybody for will Bynum letalone a high draft pick. Some of these suggested trades will only work in fantasy basketball where someone has a limited amount of basketball knowledge

  4. FredJ says

    Chris, the ONLY way the Lakers trade Howard to Brooklyn is with Brook Lopez coming to the Lakers. Anything other scenario is absolutely ridiculous for the Lakers.

  5. BullySixChicago says

    I was with your Hamilton to Houston for the second round draft pick but if you think Reinsdorf, Paxton or Foreman woudl agree to sending Mirotic in a deal you are drinking something other than milk/coffee for breakfast.

    • Erik Blurr says

      Yeah, there’s no way we’re sending Mirotic to Houston unless they’re sending us James Harden back. Just doesn’t make sense.

  6. Ody P. says

    Splitter, De Colo, and Lorbek are all key pieces to the Spurs’ rebuilding. Splitter has done great progress in his 2,5 seasons, De Colo has already displayed good playmaking abilities and will find his place in the rotation, Lorbek is a big man with nice post moves, can shoot the three-ball and is a good insurance policy for Tim Duncan’s age. Can’t see the Spurs trading these guys for Jefferson, who may not resign with them. Plus, they need each and any 1st round pick they can have, to further rebuild. Parker was the 28th pick in the draft, Ginobilli was the 57th I think. They will never get a pick near the lottery to draft the next Duncan or Robinson, so they need each and any good youngster they can fish. And their draft picks are usually pretty solid.

  7. Gwydion says

    I’ve seen this Al Jefferson to the Spurs trade mentioned a number of places and I can’t think the Spurs front office would ever do anything this one-sided. They are a much better team before that trade than after. Jefferson can score, but seriously, he is not capable of playing defense the way the Spurs do. Splitter may not score the way Al does, but he does everything else much better and still looks to be improving. I’d do Blair and de Colo plus filler, but as written, this is a trade that doesn’t work for either team.

    Plus, speaking as a longtime Warriors fan, the idea of Stephen Jackson in Utah is laughable and I’m sure the Jazz know that would be a disaster. They’d cut him before the plane took off.

    • Letters: jkfldsankvczx says

      You mean one sided for the Jazz right?

      Jefferson is a top 5 Center and one of the few Centers in the league with a back-to-the-basket game. There’s not a single team in the NBA that would take Splitter over Jefferson. And how do you think that Jefferson wouldn’t be able to defend the way the Spurs do? You think that everyone that has been drafted by the Spurs can automatically play great defense? They learned it which is exactly what anyone could do under Pop.

      If you think that Splitter for Jefferson is anything but one-sided for Jazz then you’re either a really biased Spurs fan or need to watch basketball more.

      • Gwydion says

        Nah, I’ve just seen enough of Jefferson to know he’s not that good at it. Understand, I’m not saying Splitter is a better center. It’s that the damages this deal does to the Spurs bench should be a huge red flag. Anyway, we’ll see what happens at the deadline. I’d be really surprised to see this go through. More likely they go after him in free agency as a replacement for Duncan.

  8. jerry25 says

    Nets like Lopez better than Howard right now.

    Nets are busy trying to get Josh Smith.
    Not wasting time thinking about Howard, who probably won’t finish out the season.

  9. Dallas says

    Eric Maynor and a guaranteed lottery pick for Will Bynum? You realize if Toronto makes playoffs they keep their pick and if the land in lottery (in all but protected top positions) the pick goes to OKC. Maybe you had the pick stuff right, but the way it was worded through me off. Regardless, I don’t see Presti giving up a young player and a lottery pick for Will Bynum.

  10. says

    Chris, in the words of Chris Berman, “Come on man!”

    1.) If you think the Laker would trade D12 to the Nets for a package tht doesn’t feature Brook Lopez and/or Deron Williams you are certifiably insane! Perhaps they are also thinking of trading Kobe to the Nets for Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace … come on man!

    If the Lakers deal with the Nets it would be more along the lines of D12, Nash and Duhon for Brook Lopez, Deron Williams and Marshon Brooks or a the very least D12 for Brook, Marshon and Andray Blatche, period..

    2.) If you think the Thunder would even cosider trading Mayno AND a lottery pick for Will Bynum you have absolutely lost your marbles my good chap. For goodness sakes the lotto pick is worth far, far more than Wll Bynum!

    3.) I actually think you missed the boat on the Thunder. While I agree they may be looking t moe Maynor and may want an upgrade at the backup PG spot, they SHOULD be trying to land a legit post-scorer. I still believe they would have won the Finals last season had they had even one player they could throw the ball in the post to for some easy buckets. This aid, what the Thunder SHOULD be doing is trading Kevin Martin at the Raps pick for Al Jefferson and getting ready to win their first title this season!

    • Brian says

      Are you out of your mind !! U think the nets would trade Lopez AND deron williams, you are clearly un-educated and on some type of heavy drugs

        • SPGCPA says

          at this point, if I’m the Nets, I’m not certain I would trade Lopez for Howard straight up…..and at no point would I trade anything more than Lopez for him…..Lakers got Howard for Bynum….this year’s Lopez is a better player than Bynum has ever dreamed of being ….so Lakers are already getting a better player than they traded for Howard in the first place…


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