SH Blog: Will The Lakers Trade Dwight? Garnett to LAC Dead For Now; Josh Smith Most Likely To Be Traded

According to Ken Berger of CBSSports, if the Bucks trade Ellis, they plan on making a run at Orlando’s JJ Redick.

The belief among rival execs is that the Bucks would only acquire Redick if they first decided to move Monta Ellis as part of a bigger deal.
Ken Berger

But Milwaukee isn’t the only team interested in Redick, who has transformed into an all-around fine NBA player this season.

  • From Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski: “Indiana, Milwaukee, Chicago and Minnesota have expressed interest in trading for Redick, but teams have been reluctant to give up a first-round pick and a good young player for a player who could turn into a rental for the rest of the season. The Philadelphia 76ers could be a real possibility for Redick in free agency, sources told Yahoo! Sports. Redick has a strong relationship with coach Doug Collins, the father of his close friend and Duke assistant coach, Chris Collins.”

In terms of immediate impact, Redick would suit Indiana or Chicago best this season. Both the Pacers and Bulls feel they have a legitimate shot at knocking off the Miami Heat in the playoffs. Adding a sharp-shooting veteran like Redick would only bolster their chances, even at the cost of losing him to free agency at the end of the season.

  • While the Pacers and Bulls have been the usual suspects as far as Redick trade rumors over the past few months, Sheridan believes the New York Knicks are emerging as a serious candidate as well: “Redick can step into the starting 2-guard spot that Jason Kidd, Ronnie Brewer, James White and Shumpert have split over the course of the season. They still keep an outside shooting threat to make up for the loss of Novak, whose minutes and productivity have both dropped since Amar’e Stoudemire returned to the lineup. They are in “win now” mode, and Redick is the best player in this deal. When a defensive 2-guard is needed, Brewer is still available.”

And we haven’t even gotten to the Boston Celtics yet, who have been in trade talks with the Los Angeles Clippers that would send Kevin Garnett to LA and the Clippers’ coveted backup point guard Eric Bledsoe (and likely DeAndre Jordan) back to Boston.

This trade would be ground shaking on many levels. Garnett would make the Clippers scary good, a legitimate threat to crash a Spurs/Thunder rematch in the Western Conference Finals.

  • But according to Wajarnowski, the Clippers have terminated talks with the Celtics on the proposed Garnett for Bledsoe trade: “The Celtics won’t consider moving Garnett to the Clippers for any other combination of players, and won’t revisit the talks unless Bledsoe and Jordan are in the package, sources said.”
  • More from Wojarnowski: “Boston hasn’t approached Garnett to waive his no-trade clause without an agreement in place, but there’s strong belief he would ultimately agree to it. What’s more, Boston could simply trade Paul Pierce and leave Garnett with even less desire to finish his career with a young, rebuilding roster. If the Celtics trade Garnett before the deadline, they would move Pierce, too, sources said. For the Celtics, the chance to get Bledsoe and Jordan could be a prelude to trying to package Pierce in a possible deal to the Atlanta Hawks for Josh Smith, sources said.”

Now we’re circling back to Josh Smith again.

Oh boy.

Round and round it goes. Teams shipping out players (assets), trying to bring back the right ones.

Welcome to the NBA trade deadline.

Now onto some quick hitters from around the league


  1. jerry25 says

    It scares me to think about it, but if LAL loses tonight, they could forget about playoffs.
    King/Proky would no long trade Lopez for Howard, even up, even if ESPN don’t know that. (Lopez>Howard at this moment (injury), and could be a better fit for Nets to win.

    Best move for LAL would be Josh Smith for Howard, which scares me. ATL might take risk of re-signing Howard. LAL could afford to give Smith what he wants. When Pau returns next season, LAL would be good team and wouldn’t have to fire D’Antoni.

    • Ben Baroff says

      Excellent points. It will be interesting to see if LAL pulls the trigger. I believe they should, but wouldn’t bank on it with Jim Buss calling the shots.

  2. jerry25 says

    Why would Bucks expect to re-sign Smith. Back to Brooklyn full circle. We don’t even know what King has offered after MarShon and Hump (maybe substituting Ben Gordon for Hump)? King can offer 3 1st round picks, good Eurostash and Tyshaun Taylor as well as Teletovich.
    King is friends with Ferry and his dad is a Nets scout. Ferry is likely trying to push Billy to raise his offer. King was watching his cell phone since the 2nd quarter all last night.

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