SH Blog: Will The Lakers Trade Dwight? Garnett to LAC Dead For Now; Josh Smith Most Likely To Be Traded

  • Apparently All-Star Weekend drifted into Monday night for Metta World Peace, who was awoken early Tuesday morning when police responded to a report of four armed men in his house. Of course, Metta handled the matter in a calm World Peace fashion,More from “Law enforcement sources tell us LAPD got a call around midnight about 4 guys — 3 with handguns and one with a shotgun — lurking around the L.A. Laker’s westside home. We’re told officers called out the suspects over a loudspeaker, and 2 men — Metta’s brother and cousin — heard the commotion and came out to talk to cops. Only problem is … we’re told they didn’t have any ID, so police handcuffed both men until they could make sure they weren’t suspects. Sources say officers had to wake up Metta — who quickly vouched for his brother and cousin, and both men were released. We’re told Mr. World Peace was very “understanding and professional” … naturally.” 
  • According to Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal, the Cleveland Cavaliers are in pursuit of another draft pick before Thursday’s trade deadline passes: “As the NBA nears Thursday’s 3 p.m. trade deadline, the Cavaliers remain in pursuit of another first-round pick to add to their bulging war chest of draft picks. With time running out, there is at least a decent chance they don’t get it. A more likely trade scenario for the Cavs would be taking on salary to help a team get under the luxury tax threshold. The Golden State Warriors and Chicago Bulls are two of seven teams that have never paid a luxury tax penalty, yet both are over the threshold this season.”
  • Per Matt Moore of, the Cavs are the most likely team to serve as a third-party in a larger deal, and are in perfect position to add that pick they are clamoring for: “They won’t take your poison, but they’ll help you move that poison elsewhere. And if you need a quick place to throw some money? No worries, they’ve got the cap room and don’t have to worry about re-signing them. Cleveland’s been good at the trade deadline since Grant took over. The Cavs create good future opportunities for themselves. It’s what they do with that space that’s the issue. But you can bet Cleveland will get called in if talks between two teams stall and they need some help.”
  • Andrew Bynum is making noise, but not much. The 76ers big-man is really just reminding us that he still exists, offering Philly fans a glimmer of hope Tuesday afternoon, more from “Sixers center Andrew Bynum spoke to the media after today’s practice, and while he said it will still be a week or two before he returns to practice, he did offer fans a glimmer of hope, saying that he will “definitely” play this season. Bynum said he won’t rush to get back in the lineup, even though his team is struggling. “I’m focused on getting back and being right versus trying to rush,” he said.”
  • Eric Gordon is finally healthy, and may be finally relevant in the NBA again. It is well documented that he has not been happy during his time with the New Orleans Hornets, most notably after he voiced his displeasure with the organization when they matched his offer sheet with the Phoenix Suns this past offseason. According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, the Hornets are open to trading their star shooting guard: 
Sources: New Orleans has made Eric Gordon available for trade. Trade not likely though as clubs concerned about EG's health going forward.
Chris Broussard
A logical trade partner for the Hornets, if they were looking to deal Gordon on short notice, would be the Indiana Pacers. Gordon is an Indianapolis native, and has expressed a strong desire to play for his hometown team. The Pacers have expressed mutual interest, but did not pursue him over the offseason knowing that the Hornets would match any offer they threw his way.
  • Broussard is also reporting that the Boston Celtics would be willing to part with their All-Star point guard, Rajon Rondo. While there isn’t much traction to this, it seems that Boston has been active in confronting all possibilities. If they are able to strike a deal with the Clippers that would end bring back Eric Bledsoe, it would make sense for the Celtics to look to deal Rondo as well. And of course, that likely would mean Paul Pierce would be traded as well. 
Sources say Boston willing to trade injured PG Rajon Rondo in right deal. Wizards looking to move Jordan Crawford.
Chris Broussard


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  1. jerry25 says

    It scares me to think about it, but if LAL loses tonight, they could forget about playoffs.
    King/Proky would no long trade Lopez for Howard, even up, even if ESPN don’t know that. (Lopez>Howard at this moment (injury), and could be a better fit for Nets to win.

    Best move for LAL would be Josh Smith for Howard, which scares me. ATL might take risk of re-signing Howard. LAL could afford to give Smith what he wants. When Pau returns next season, LAL would be good team and wouldn’t have to fire D’Antoni.

    • Ben Baroff says

      Excellent points. It will be interesting to see if LAL pulls the trigger. I believe they should, but wouldn’t bank on it with Jim Buss calling the shots.

  2. jerry25 says

    Why would Bucks expect to re-sign Smith. Back to Brooklyn full circle. We don’t even know what King has offered after MarShon and Hump (maybe substituting Ben Gordon for Hump)? King can offer 3 1st round picks, good Eurostash and Tyshaun Taylor as well as Teletovich.
    King is friends with Ferry and his dad is a Nets scout. Ferry is likely trying to push Billy to raise his offer. King was watching his cell phone since the 2nd quarter all last night.

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