Sheridan: More on Lakers’ Dwight Dilemma

The Lakers have a Dwight dilemma. They can pin their hopes on Howard re-signing with them over the summer, taking an enormous risk by doing so, or they can go the prudent route and flip him for a wheelbarrow full of rebuilding assets.

Mitch Kupchak has said he will not trade Howard, but Jim Buss is the guy leading the organization — not Mitch.

Howard has said he is not making any commitments to anyone.

So if you are the Lakers, do you take the risk of losing him for nothing?

Remember, something is better than nothing. And if the Brooklyn Nets are willing to fill the wheelbarrow with a package including their two current European players and their two overseas Eurostash players (profiled here in this Top 5 Eurostash trade assets column), they have a shot at landing him — but only if Buss decides it is the prudent thing to do. The deal suggested in this column allows the Lakers to keep their summer of ’14 salary cap clearout plan intact.

We have one more day to find out what will happen.

But I am of the opinion that if the Lakers believe Dwight will leave, they should do the smart thing and move him while they still can (Howard is ineligible to be traded after 3 p.m. EST Thursday). Logic dictates getting something instead of nothing.

The Dwight dilemma is the lead topic in this chat with CineSport’s Noah Coslov.



  1. stepxxxxz says

    there is a reason Big Al has never won a playoff game…..he’s not a top end talent. He slows the offense, is one dimensional and an outright liability on defense. Ask anyone in utah.

  2. jerry25 says

    I bet you will be watching tonight’s Lakers/Celts game. If LAL loses, they have to go 20-7 rest of way, with an unhappy Howard. Could be the end of playoffs for Lakers for years if Howard bolts (to Houston) in July. Best bet as you say, is if Buss changes his mind and asks Kupchak to call Nets, because there wouldn’t be enough time to involve another team (Howard would sign with Nets) They will ask for Lopez and more, but King might say no, and certainly would not give more than Brook.

    However, the same package you mention as the alternative package for Howard, could be offered to ATL for Smith (Nets preference is to have Smith/Lopez, not Howard/Lopez)
    Glad you know about how valuable Bogdonovic can be as well as their other Eurostash PF. Danny Ferry’s Dad is a Nets scout, so Danny must be aware too.

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