Tweet of the Night: Tracy McGrady (and Chris Webber)

Ice water in his veins.

With that shot, the Nets beat the feisty Bucks 113-111 in overtime. It marks the third time this season that Johnson has hit a game-winning shot at the buzzer for the Nets, and one could argue that no one has been better in clutch situations. Even Tracy McGrady watched the game from afar, and it appears he would agree with the notion that Johnson is at least one of the best in the business when the game is on the line:

Joe Johnson @ is top 3 clutch players in the league!
Tracy McGrady

Hard to disagree with that one.

Johnson has been scrutinized by most since signing the gigantic 6-year, $119 million deal with the Hawks. Most call him an overrated player due to the amount he makes. Overvalued? Yes. Overrated? He is certainly proving otherwise in that department with the Nets.

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  1. Browning says

    The Nets PR guy often makes jokes like this. I feel really bad for him, because now a bunch of morons think he is a moron.

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