Fantasy Spin: Rockets Make Two Trades, Then Beat Thunder

$300 Freeroll Closes Tomorrow; Beat Sheridan on Saturday

In addition to the many leagues every day, we have two special events for you this week. On Friday, be sure to join the Sheridan Hoops Freeroll. It’s completely free to enter, there’s no catch. $300 in guaranteed money will be paid out to the top 15 finishers, including the $100 cash first prize.

On Saturday, there will be a different kind of contest, for those with larger bankrolls. It’s the “Beat Sheridan” Challenge, with a very limited number of teams, a $22 entry fee and much larger cash prizes. Everyone who finishes ahead of Chris Sheridan will earn win an extra five bucks. We’ll have that link for you tomorrow, as soon as Saturday salaries are set.

Wednesday was a break-even night for me, as I entered five teams for $2 each and won $10 for coming 26th out of 550 entries in the $1,000 GPP tournament. My Stars did fine, my Scrubs were not quite good enough. When you are that close, it’s a fine line between winning a little and winning a lot. That’s the biggest difference between the Freeroll and $2 leagues — capped entries, extra consolation prizes and bigger prize pools makes it much easier to finish in the money. We have well over 500 entries in the Freeroll already and they can be 1000-1 shots, though it’s always fun to play, win or lose.

DraftStreet 15Feb. 21
StarsOver $13,000
LeBron James$24,085
Tony Parker$19,162
Chris Paul$19,161
Blake Griffin$17,365
Joakim Noah$17,301
ScrubsUnder $9,000
Jamal Crawford$8,851
Caron Butler$8,596
Taj Gibson$7,570
Matt Barnes$7,553
Shane Battier$6,178
Starters$9,000 to $13,000
Chauncey Billups$10,310
Kawhi Leonard$11,532
Manu Ginobili$10,691
Danny Green$10,617
Luol Deng$12,885

When there are only two NBA games, DraftStreet still offers daily Salary Cap and Pick ‘Em leagues. However, there are no live Snake drafts today. The chart makes five suggestions in each of three price ranges. Even with more limited choices than usual, there are many 8-man possible combinations. You can make unlimited changes until the 8:00 EST deadline, and here’s the way I’m leaning this morning:

F1 Blake Griffin (LAC-F) $17,365
F2 Caron Butler (LAC-F) $8,596
G1 Chris Paul (LAC-G) $19,199
G2 Manu Ginobili (SA-G) $10,691
C1 Joakim Noah (CHI-C) $17,301
C2 DeAndre Jordan (LAC-C) $9,384
U1 Chauncey Billups (LAC-G) $10,310
U2 Shane Battier (MIA-F) $6,178

Leaving out LeBron James is never easy, but his astronomical salary in a back-to-back against a strong defensive team makes me prefer others tonight, if only to create a more balanced lineup. You can enter up to three teams in the Guaranteed Prize Pool contests; I’m using Marco Belinelli ($6,896) instead of Shane Battier in one variation.

The Fantasy Spin is here every morning, by 10:00 EST. Follow me on Twitter — @SheridanFantasy — for updates.


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