Paul is Clippers’ MVP, Wade says

Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers showed his dominance across the duration of the NBA’s 62nd All-Star game from the very beginning.

The young point-guard garnered some impressive stats before the buzzer in Houston, posting 20 points, 15 assists and 4 steals to win MVP honors and lead the Western Conference to an impressive victory at the Toyota Center.

Numbers such as these are certainly important considerations if you are coming up with NBA or NCAA basketball wagering strategies.

Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat, after witnessing Paul in action entitled him, “The most valuable player on the LA Clippers” – which is, of course, saying quite something. Anybody who wants to put their money on the Clippers at will surely find Paul’s performance indicative of success.

On observing Paul’s assertion of control over the four quarters, a lot of talk can be heard concerning his potential influence on the approaching playoffs. It should be noted that Paul displayed his most impressive stretch over the final quarter. In the final 10 minutes, he scored nine out of 20 points, including two major 3-pointers, and offering that final burst of energy and creativity that is so often called for during some of the closer games in the playoffs.

Working with teammate Blake Griffin, who powered home some impressive, jaw-dropping alley-oops. Paul is an incredibly tactical and meticulous player, and with the right commitment, he just might be able to turn the Clippers from one of the most promising teams in the league, to the best team in the NBA in the playoffs.

This consistency and stamina could prove to be a major advantage in the games coming up. Nine points in one quarter from one player is definitely something to think about; especially in an event with competition as tight as in the playoffs. The overall command of the court that was, once again, displayed by the All-Star, earned him a much-deserved MVP honors, and the Clippers’ first ever All-Star MVP award. This performance places Paul in the “most-feared” list of many of his opponents in the playoffs. The question now, regarding the 27 year-old’s impressive All-Star performance, is whether or not he can lead the Clippers to the next level.


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