SH Blog: Trade Deadline Recap: Redick Dealt to Bucks, Brewer to Thunder, Josh Smith Stays in Atlanta

Eric Gordon 

Gordon’s displeasure with New Orleans has been well-documented ever since the Hornets matched his offer-sheet from the Phoenix Suns. Gordon has since expressed interest in playing for his hometown Indiana Pacers, a team in desperate need of his services to become a legitimate title contender. Gordon is likely to be traded, but not necessarily at today’s deadline. According to the John Reid of The Times Picayune: “Regardless if the New Orleans Hornets are unable to pull off a trade involving guard Eric Gordon before Thursday’s 2 p.m. deadline, it has been become clear the franchise will likely remain open to trading him after this season ends, according to sources.”

More from Reid: “The Hornets (19-36) have had trade discussions with the Golden State Warriors in an attempt to acquire shooting guard Kyle Thompson in exchange for Gordon. But the deal appears unlikely because the Warriors are unwilling to part ways with Thompson, whom they feel is a young emerging star and they have concerns about Gordon’s health, sources indicate. The Hornets are looking for a deal that could possibly improve their overall roster for the long-term, which means they are looking for young emerging talent that will enhance their current rebuilding plans around No. 1 draft pick Anthony Davis.”


Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets, one of the biggest talkers as the cards were being dealt this week don’t seem to have much in play as the deadline draws near. Despite their payroll nightmare, ownership has made it clear that the luxury tax is not a deterent for making a deal that would improve the team immediately. They have been after an array of players, but don’t seem to be close to making anything tangible happen. Josh Smith? Unlikely. Paul Millsap? Nope. Ben Gordon? Not anymore.

As teams wait for the Hawks to sift through offers for Josh Smith, the Nets have "pulled the plug" on Ben Gordon talks, league source says.
Ken Berger
The Brooklyn Nets are no longer considering a deal for Charlotte's Ben Gordon, league source tells Y! Sports.
Adrian Wojnarowski
Nets have made play this week for Milwaukee's Ersan Ilyasova, I'm told, but their trusty Kris Humphries/MarShon Brooks bundle was rejected
Marc Stein

According to ESPN’s trade guru, Marc Stein, the Hawks have made it clear that a Smith-to-Brooklyn deal centered around Kris Humphries would not be enough. But as the deadline draws near, it still seems to be the best offer on the table: “The consistent word circulating in front-office circles late Wednesday was that Atlanta has yet to find a deal it likes for Smith in a down market, despite the determined pursuit of the Brooklyn Nets and consistent (but conditional) interest from Milwaukee and Boston. The Nets, sources say, will continue Thursday to search for a third team to help facilitate a deal for Smith, since Atlanta has made it clear that it wants no part of Kris Humphries.”

More from Stein: “Milwaukee would appear to be the most likely destination for Smith entering deadline day, but it remains to seen whether the Bucks will ultimately be willing to part with guard Monta Ellis, whom Atlanta has targeted as the primary player it wants from them. As for Boston: Including Paul Pierce or Rajon Rondo in any deal with the Hawks is presumed to be the only way for the Celtics to land Smith, which is problematic for the Celts for a number of reasons.”

If Brooklyn doesn't do a deal for Josh Smith -- and Nets are a long-shot -- they'll probably do nothing at the deadline, sources tell Y!
Adrian Wojnarowski


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