Tweet of the Night: Jeremy Lin

Crazyyyy energy from the fans tonight!! Bittersweet night...gonna really miss my bros @ @ @ and TD
Jeremy Lin

75 combined points from Jeremy Lin and James Harden against Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

122-119 victory for the Houston Rockets.

Something would be terribly wrong if the fans weren’t amped up from a performance of that magnitude, against opponents of that caliber, from two of their brightest stars. Check out one of Harden’s impressive buckets below:

The two guards had their finest game as a duo, as Harden finished with a career-high 46 points, while Lin “chipped in” with 29 points.  It was a vindicating victory for Houston, who had lost the first two games to the Thunder by an average of 26 points. Just as importantly, Lin and Harden showed they have the potential to be one of the deadliest backcourt combinations in the league.

Unfortunately, the quality win was soaked in with mixed emotions, as the team surprisingly traded away Patrick Patterson, Marcus Morris and Cole Aldrich to the Sacramento Kings.

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