Sheridan Hoops Sixth Man Rankings: Week 16

1JAMAL CRAWFORD, G, LA CLIPPERS: The Clippers were trounced by the Spurs in their first game since the break, and it was clear that Crawford needed the rest. He looked refreshed from last week. Despite the blowout, JCrossover was one of the few bright spots, putting up 15 points in 32 minutes.1
2ThunderKEVIN MARTIN, G, OKLAHOMA CITY: He had been in a bit of a slump the week before the break, but seemed desperate to break out of it on Wednesday and had mixed results. He finished with 15 points but shot 5-13 and 2-7 from the circle. Will he go offense-defense with Ronnie Brewer late in games?2
3 WarriorsJARRETT JACK, G, GOLDEN STATE: His first time on the list, Jack has been on a tear since returning from an injury and kept it up in his first game back. In his last 8 games, he has put up 17.6 ppg and an impressive 6.8 apg as coach Mark Jackson uses a three-guard lineup more often.
4HornetsRYAN ANDERSON, F, NEW ORLEANS: The Hornets are one of the few teams that has seen two games since the break. Maybe it’s the result of the 3-point contest, or something else, but Anderson struggled in both those games, going 5-22 combined.3
5MagicJ.J. REDICK, G, MILWAUKEE: The Magic were another team that have had a pair of games in since the break, and Redick did not leave Orlando on a high note, shooting 7-of-26 combined, including an 0-of-7 from the arc in a loss to the Bobcats.4

DROPOUTS: J.R. Smith, G, New York (5).

FIVE TO WATCH: Ray Allen, G, Miami; Manu Ginobili, G, San Antonio; Gordon Hayward, F, Utah; Carl Landry, F, Golden State; JaVale McGee, C, Denver.

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  1. Arky says

    Good to see the recognition for Jarrett Jack. Maybe it’s just the Golden State games I’ve seen, but every time I watch it he looks like the 6th Man of the Year winner in the making- making clutch shots and clutch passes, the playmaker down the stretch a la James Harden for OKC last season. For me that role trumps Crawford’s role of being the volume shooter for the 2nd unit while the Clippers’ other scorers sit. Crawford’s very good at the job (as he proved back in his Atlanta days) but he’s still not what you’d call efficient and he is mostly featured against other teams’ benches. Jack has to take on the best.

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