Tweet of the Day: Jeff Green

Have you been inundated with internet videos with a weird techno beat and people dry humping space in random costumes?

If you haven’t, you aren’t on the internet very often.

If you have, you are watching what some people call the “Harlem Shake.”

Wth is this Harlem Shake craze about? I thought it was the dance from awhile ago, I don't get it lol
Jeff Green

Boston Celtics forward Jeff Green doesn’t get it…neither do the residents of Harlem.

Quite frankly, there probably isn’t much to be gotten in the first place.

The song, “Harlem Shake” by Baauer, is at the heart of the craze. [Billboard has about the DJ who made the song, which is now No. 1 on the Hot 100.]

Not long after the song released, a comedian named Filthy Frank made the first Youtube video featuring the song.

Many fan-made replications later, people who remember the original hip hop dance are left scratching their heads and asking, “What does this have to do with Harlem or the Harlem Shake?”

People of Harlem have responded.

Now the world has clarification. This video craze has nothing to do with the original Harlem Shake dance nor does it originate from Harlem. It was concocted by a comedian to the music of a song titled “Harlem Shake.”


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