Tweet of the Night: J.R. Smith

According to Deadspin, the female in question is a senior in high school, who “got in touch” with Smith in January. This is a rather embarrassing exposure of Smith’s antics behind the scenes, and it’s certainly one we didn’t need to know about. What he does off the court is his business and his business alone. Unfortunately, it’s also his job to be more careful of these things as a professional athlete. If he doesn’t, it becomes our business to cover these embarrassing/hilarious stories when it becomes painfully public.

This, of course, is not the first time Smith has had to deal with controversy due to activity on twitter. The guy really should think twice before posting anything on the social media tool that has gotten a number of athletes, including himself and his teammate Amare Stoudemire, in plenty of trouble in recent years. At least he has a great sense of humor about the whole situation, based on his tweet in response.

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