Beat Chris Sheridan For Money in $400 Fantasy Challenge Tonight

Beat Sheridan Tonight & Win $185 Cash; Record 1,159 Enter Freeroll

Congratulations to “ dragonfantasy“ who defeated 1,158 opponents in the biggest Sheridan Hoops Freeroll yet and won $100 cash. Just 1.25 points behind, “blagr” earned $60 for second and “xfrankboothx” got 30 bucks for third place.

They can all afford to enter the“Beat Sheridan” Challenge tonight, with a $22 entry fee but fantastic odds of winning, compared to the Freeroll. First place gets $180, second $112, third $66 and fourth is worth $40, plus everyone who finishes ahead of Chris Sheridan will earn win an extra five bucks. There is a maximum of 20 entries — get in now and you can tweak your lineup until 7:00 Eastern.

Last night, my crystal ball was on the fritz again. I thought the Bobcats would show up, and used Byron Mullens. No idea what happened to Nikola Pekovic. My team finished a miserable  838th in the Freeroll and the weekly $100 bankroll has dwindled to $39, but I’m still going to invest $22 in trying to beat the boss.

DraftStreet 15Feb. 23
StarsOver $13,000
LeBron James$23,946
Chris Paul$17,092
Al Horford$18,556
Kyrie Irving$16,740
Blake Griffin$17,216
ScrubsUnder $9,000
Thomas Robinson$7,595
DeAndre Jordan$7,969
Greg Smith$7,090
E’Twaun Moore$8,960
J.J. Redick$6,862
Starters$9,000 to $13,000
Emeka Okafor$12,825
Maurice Harkless$10,312
Gordon Hayward$10,277
Carlos Delfino$10,266
Andrew Nicholson$9,372

Seven NBA games means plenty of choices. Rather than spending almost 24% of the cap on LeBron James, I’m hoping he isn’t required to put up a triple-double tonight against the shorthanded 76ers. Here’s one lineup I’m using, though it’s subject to change:

F1 David West (IND-F) $14,610
F2 Tristan Thompson (CLE-F) $13,381
G1 Chris Paul (LAC-G) $17,092
G2 Kyrie Irving (CLE-G) $16,740
C1 Chris Bosh (MIA-C) $13,639
C2 DeAndre Jordan (LAC-C) $7,969
U1 Thomas Robinson (HOU-F) $7,595
U2 E’Twaun Moore (ORL-G) $8,960

If Thomas Robinson is not cleared to make his debut for the Rockets, I’ll have to improvise. You can always make unlimited roster moves until the deadline.

The Fantasy Spin is here every morning, by 10:00 EST. Follow me on Twitter — @SheridanFantasy — for updates.


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  4. A.J. says

    It’s kinda difficult for me to get worked up about beating Sheridan in anything after that mega lame-o question posed to David Stern: “Uh, what is your favorite All-Star memory?” The last opportunity for a hard-hitting question posed to Julius Caesar and to put him on the spot, and this is what Sheridan chose to ask.

    He should have just gone for the gusto and let the chips falls wherever they fell: “David, I’m a hard-hitting sports journalist and I once battled to the death with Vecsey. Who else can say that? I’m a gladiator. A warrior. If I’m going down, then you’re going down with me. So in that vein, if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?”

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