The Bernucca List – Edition 42

Usually a weekly feature, The Bernucca List took its own All-Star break last week.

We do that from time to time, when we can’t come up with a challenging list while facing a deadline or simply forget, as we did last week.

Our last list, published two weeks ago, was up for a scant three minutes before reader Jerome Bennett correctly identified it as “current players wearing No. 13.”

The list of 12 players did not include Steve Nash, who had to give away his usual number when he joined the Lakers. Apparently, some guy named Wilt Chamberlain wore No. 13 for the Lakers and had it retired.

But as far as triskaidekaphobia goes, the list did include two All-Stars, two Rookies of the Year and an NCAA champion. So much for bad luck.

It was Jerome’s first correct answer this season. Readers Brian C. and Brian Rivel lead the way with three wins apiece. Perhaps the tie will be snapped with this week’s list, which is after the jump.


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