Sheridan: Heat’s streak to end in Boston? Give us a break, Kobe

Quite the night it was Wednesday in the NBA, from Miami reaching 20 consecutive wins to Denver reaching 10 in a row to Kobe spraining his ankle and then e-mailing his favorite national columnist to whine about what he claims was a dirty play by Dahntay Jones.

So let’s look a little further into each of those items.

_ Everyone is now looking at the Heat’s upcoming schedule (they are currently one game into a five-game road trip) and wondering if they can make it through March with nine more wins before they play the Spurs in San Antonio on the final day before April Fools Day. Me? I think they go down Monday night in Boston, which I emphasize in the video below with a bright green prop.

_ Kobe is out of line. Dahntay Jones did nothing wrong. Jones’ momentum carried him into Kobe, but it was a pure basketball play on which Jones did not intentionally undercut Bryant. And as for the severity of that ankle sprain, and whether it will keep him sidelined for a while, I ain’t buying it. Bryant has the highest pain threshold in the NBA. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him play Friday in Indiana.

_ With so much focus on the Lakers and the Heat, not a lot of folks have noticed that the Denver Nuggets have won 10 in a row and the Memphis Grizzlies have won 14 of 15. Those teams meet Friday night at Denver, where the Nuggets have lost only three games, in what could be the best game of the weekend.


  1. Ethan says

    C’mon Chris. You remember the playoffs in 2009; Dahntay is dirty. The leg Kobe kicked out isn’t the one that was injured, and you can see that Jones slid his foot under Kobe. He knew what he was doing.

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