SH Blog: Still “business as usual” for Derrick Rose; Kobe’s return remains uncertain

Derrick RoseThe Derrick Rose injury saga has been going on, well, since Rose got hurt in Game 1 of the first round against the Sixers last year. First he was supposed to be back around Christmas, then sometime in January, and now it’s mid-March and he’s been close to coming back for several weeks. But we still don’t have definitive word, which has to be frustrating for Bulls fans waiting for their franchise player.

Not having played a minute so far this season, Rose of course does not feature in our latest MVP rankings. But there are a few surprises on the list, so click through to check those out, and to see who Chris Sheridan thinks the “missing link” for the Heat will be.

Now here’s all the latest NBA news:

  • Derrick Rose isn’t back yet. Sorry. Here’s Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times: “It’s amazing what an imagination and social media will do, as evidenced by a rumor that blew up Saturday in which Derrick Rose would make his season debut Monday against the Denver Nuggets at the United Center. Two Bulls sources squashed the rumor, saying it’s business as usual for Rose as he recovers from surgery in May to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. That means a full-go in practice Sunday and a re-evaluation Monday. Then it’s up to Rose to decide if he’s ready to return.”


  1. Colin says

    If Rose is not playing for certain, then why did they say “re-evaluation Monday…Then it’s up to Rose to decide if he’s ready to return”?

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