SH Blog: Kidd will “revisit” his contract; Kenyon Martin wants to play next year

John Wall

In yesterday’s blog, there was a news item about Mike D’Antoni’s frustration with the Lakers boiling over. Today, Chris Bernucca suggests that maybe the problem with the Lakers isn’t so much the Lakers as it is Mike D’Antoni. Speaking of the Lakers, where does Kobe Bryant rank on Chris Sheridan’s new MVP rankings? One answer: not first. Now for your latest NBA news:Is Jason Kidd going to retire soon? Zach Braziller of the New York Post speculates that he might: “Knicks fans


Bernucca: What’s “laughable” about Lakers is D’Antoni


After Friday’s dispiriting home loss to the Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni could not take it any longer. D’Antoni went on a wide-ranging rant against his team, targeting its lack of commitment and effort on both sides of the ball. He said the Lakers were “messing with the basketball gods” and called their championship aspirations “laughable.” Although D’Antoni mentioned no one by name, very few wearing the forum blue and gold appeared exempt.  [Read more…]


Sheridan Hoops MVP Rankings After Week 21

Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls - Game Two

You will not find any members of the Denver Nuggets on this list, which somehow seems unfair for a team that has strung together a 15-game winning streak that almost nobody outside of Denver seems to be aware of – what with the Miami Heat’s 25-game streak, the NCAA Tournament and the alarming number of recent meteor showers all providing worthy distractions. You may not even see George Karl as the winner of Coach of the Year when that award is


Tweet of the Night: Stephen Curry


We are not here to applaud Stephen Curry for his 35 points Saturday in the Golden State Warriors’ 40th win of the season, a 101-92 victory over the Washington Wizards. We are here to mock him for making a bet with Wes Mathews of the Portland Trail Blazers, whose picture is now Curry’s Twitter avatar. [Read more…]