A Statistical Look Inside This Year’s Sweet 16

ncaaIt was an exciting and historic first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament over the weekend, with the blue bloods of college basketball reaching the second week of the tourney along with surprise teams including LaSalle, Wichita State and No. 15 seed Florida Gulf Coast.

But what did it really take for the teams to win two, and in LaSalle’s case, three, games last week?

We at Sheridan Hoops took over a dozen key stats from the 33 games won by the 16 teams still left in the 2013 version of March Madness and averaged them out to determine not only what it took to get there, but to indicate which teams are most likely to advance on to the Elite Eight and the Final Four in Atlanta. Here’s the first half of the statistical breakdown, mainly focusing on the offensive side of the ball:

TeamPts ScoredPts AllowedFG%3FG%Top ScorerAssistsTO
Louisville 1794857.425231416
Louisville 2825656.455.627149
Oregon 168553936.4171218
Oregon 2745752.872.7231818
Michigan State 1655444.840231617
Michigan State 270485025231418
Duke 1736158.736.4261711
Duke 2665038.8352199
Wichita St 1735538.810221111
Wichita St 276705050161615
LaSalle 1807163.352.4221610
LaSalle 2636142.938.921128
LaSalle 3767449.139.1241412
Arizona 1816456.952.9231315
Arizona 2745155.160271312
Ohio State 1957047.946.7242510
Ohio State 27875515022129
Kansas 1645747.60171117
Kansas 2705843.635.7221122
Michigan 1715650.94521129
Michigan 2785351.730211712
Florida 1794747.533.318138
Florida 2786456.850251314
FGCU 1786842.940241513
FGCU 2817155.938.9232113
Indiana 1836252.739.116179
Indiana 2585242.230.816912
Syracuse 1813451.945.520218
Syracuse 2666039.14018715
Marquette 1595834.526.71659
Marquette 2747242.641.729915
Miami 1784946.254.5211211
Miami 26359403621126

The first thing that jumps out is that you have to score at least 70 points to win NCAA Tournament games. Every team in the Sweet 16 had at least one 70-point performance on offense. Ohio State, Louisville and Florida Gulf Coast had the highest scoring averages during the first weekend, while stalwarts Kansas, Michigan State and Duke had the lowest scoring averages.


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