Greek Freak, 6-10 PG, Draws NBA Execs to Athens


GreekFreakThe best-kept secret in NBA scouting circles in a secret no more.

Meet Giannis Antetokoumpo, a 6-10 point guard who already has signed to play professionally next season for Zaragoza in Spain.

Yes, a 6-10 point guard, a Greek freak of Nigerian heritage who could end up being a first-round draft pick after putting on quite a show in the Greek national junior tournament attended by Bryan Colangelo of the Toronto Raptors and Masai Ujiri of the Denver Nuggets.

Antetokoumpo had 33 points, 18 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals to lead the junior club Filathlitikos into the finals against Panathinaikos’ junior team. It was a breakout performance from the child prodigy, who reportedly grew up living illegally in Greece his entire life after his mother emigrated from Nigeria. His 20-year-old brother, Thannasis, a 6-foot-7 small forward, also is considered an NBA prospect.

Oklahoma City’s Sam Presti and Houston’s Daryl Morey, among others, also have been to Athens to scout Antetokoumpo, whose contract with Zaragoza is said to contain an affordable buyout clause.

Oh, and he has a 7-3 wingspan.

The Greek and Nigerian basketball federations are both trying to register Antetokoumpo to play for their respective national teams, and Antetokoumpo is expected to participate at the NBA pre-draft Eurocamp in Treviso, Italy.

Here is a scouting report video from DraftExpress, which has Antekoumpo ranked No. 33 in the site’s Top 100:

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  1. Pensavo di mettere il vostro logo sul nostro sito con il vostro link per dar modo ai nostri visitatori di conoscere il vostro blog. Cosa ne pensi?

  2. Who was the first 6-10 (or 6-9) guy who could be legitimately classified as a point guard? Lou Dunbar?

  3. he is strong at drive, great ball handling.
    but very poor at defense.
    need more strength,he will easily bullied with bigger C and F in NBA.

    remind me of terence ross (raptors) , very strong at finishing to the rim.
    but not a good defender and perimeter shooting.

  4. andrew says:

    reminds me of KD….

  5. Anthony Davis

  6. The Adetokoubo brothers will have Greek passports by the end of April, and will play for the national teams of Greece.

  7. He plays point guard. He’s way more of a point guard than Batum is. Not even close. Batum is not a comparison at all.

    AJ will love this article after he argued here that no Greek player could possibly even be considered to be drafted by anyone in the NBA.

  8. Video says hes a SF but article says hes a PG….so which one is he? or is he a point forward type?

    • Superfly Zebra says:

      He is the point forward type, quite close to Nicola Batum with better handles but inconsistent 3pt shooting. Loads of patential, could be great euro stash draft pick

    • So this whole article was kinda misleading then to call him a 6-10 PG. When I hear that, I think Magic, not Nic Batum.

    • What does he look like to you?? Do you think teams will let him bring the ball up at 6-10? Or does he just have the skill set of a pg

      • He is not a good enough dribbler to play point in the NBA plus I understand he has the advantage being 6’9 or 10 but he can’t guard any point guards in that whack ass league. For everyone saying he’s like Batum your on crack, He’ll get drafted to the NBA but you won’t see him for at least 3 years plus he won’t get much PT


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