Sheridan: More on the Greek Freak, the NBA Playoff Races, and Melo v. Durant

Carmelo_AnthonyThe most impressive thing about Carmelo Anthony’s 36-point outing in the Knicks’ 12th consecutive victory Sunday was the way he got his points. Unlike the night when he went for 50 against the Miami Heat while shooting almost nothing but jump shots, Anthony displayed a power game in the low post and a tenacity on the offensive glass.

He now holds a slight lead over Kevin Durant for the NBA scoring lead, and he is the only one standing in the way of Durant becoming just the third player in NBA history to win four consecutive scoring titles (Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain were the others).

The scoring race is one of 10 remaining unresolved questions with 10 days left in the regular season, the subject of today’s featured column.

Another one of those questions concerns the Greek Freak, a.k.a. Giannis Adetokoubo, the 6-foot-10 point guard from Greece who has been drawing top NBA executives to Greece for a first-hand look. The kid is shooting up draft boards like a rocket, including our own Mock Draft 1.0.1 by Joe Kotoch.

More on the Greek freak in the video below, along with a look at the big picture playoff-wise and the smaller picture regarding the scoring race.


  1. AP says

    Chris just so you know…..this is how you pronounce the name Giannis Antetokoumpo:

    Giannis = Yawnis

    Antetokoumpo = Ahdaytokowbo (the bo is pronounced like the name Bo, or like in bow and arrow).

    So you pronounce it as, “Yawnis Ahdaytokowbo”.

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