Draft: The 12 NBA Talents On Display at Portsmouth

Athletics HeadshotsWe knew Hagins, the CAA defensive player of the year, could defend at a very high level, but his offense is what opened my eyes most in dropping a really easy 29 points on Wednesday.

He was silenced yesterday in part by some decent work from Villanova’s Mouphtaou Yarou, but overall I thought he was the all-around big best big I saw this week.



Detroit’s Nick Minnerath wowed the crowd with a serious of highlight dunks, especially on Thursday night, displaying eye-opening athleticism plus the ability, at 6’8, to stretch the floor. I’m not sure he’s physically capable of defending one position at the NBA level, let alone the two or three that NBA executives are looking for at the 3/4. I was shocked by how quickly the gas runs out of his motor.

Another interesting name that fans may remember is BYU’s Brandon Davies. You may recall, Davies was controversially suspended last year for breaking school rules. Davies was very impressive on both ends this week after a really rock-solid post-Jimmer senior season in Provo.

Top to bottom, frankly, there wasn’t the NBA talent here this week that there has been in years past.

That said, there always seems to be a few diamonds in the rough.

Tommy’s Top 12 from the PIT

  1. Tyler Brown, 6’4, 185, Guard, Illinois State 
  2. Rodney McGruder, 6’4, 215, Guard, Kansas State
  3. Khalif Wyatt, 6’4, 215, Guard, Temple 
  4. Jamelle Hagins, 6’9, 235, Forward, Delaware
  5. Ramon Galloway, 6’3, 180, Guard, LaSalle
  6. Devin Booker, 6’8, Power Forward, Clemson
  7. Brandon Davies, 6’8, Forward, BYU
  8. Carl Hall 6’8, Forward, Wichita State
  9. Nick Minnerath, 6’8, Forward, Detroit
  10. Durand Scott, 6’5, 200, Guard, Miami
  11. Dexter Strickland, 6’3, 185, Guard, UNC
  12. Jack Cooley, 6’9, 245, Power Forward, Notre Dame


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  1. Gary says

    Your picks were nowhere near those picked by the Portsmouth tournament people. You don’t even make mention of the most valuable player Davies. What’s up with that lol.


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