Sheridan: The NBA Champion Will Be …

… disclosed in this video. At least it’s my pick to win the championship — a team that lulled everyone into a false sense of serenity over the final 20 games of the regular season.

And, no, it is not the Miami Heat.

I think the Heat will come out of the East after going seven games with the New York Knicks in the Eastern Conference finals, and I think they’ll win three games in the NBA Finals.

But only three.

Game 7 will go to the team revealed in the video below with CineSport’s Noah Coslov.


  1. Steven Burkhart says

    I love the spurs but they are hurting and long in the tooth. They will not win the west.
    Oklahoma vs Miami goes 7 games I have no idea who’ll win.

    • says

      excuse me bitch, but spurs are on the top and oklahoma is not as good as miami. And fuck that, spurs is still a good team, dont be such an ass saying that they suck cuz i bet they can do much better then you so stfu

  2. Marlo says

    You are full of it if you think the spurs can win the west and beat Miami in a game 7 on their home court. Miami has lost 3 games since February 1 and you if you really think any team can beat them 4 times out of 7 games you are definitely on the best kind of drugs

      • Heatfan2012 says

        lmao ikr Knicks? Lmao yea sure. San antonio? Uh huhh, so tell me something. Have you guys been watching this season?! WOW worst sports fan’s hall of fame! Lol miami has won 42 of their last 45 and it’s round two of the playoffs halfway through….MIAMI!!!!

        • says

          omfg… why the fuck do people route for heat? they only one or 2 championships, and yall guys are such banwagons because you only go for the previous champions or if theres someone famous in tht team. I bet some of you havent lived in miami and you just like it bcuz its the best team right now. I live in san antonio and im for spurs, idfc what you think, i like them win or loose and dont be such bastards :) sorry for the language by the way… just annoyed..

          • says

            you bring up a REALLY good point… I am for warriors and i think that it is ridiculous how people route for teams they hardly know. People in golden state are for heat or thunder just because they have popular people in there. I think thats bullshit and warriors arent the best or most popular team but atleast golden state have a good team, i mean… we could have a lower class team like wizards or timberwolves or suns. (no offense) but warriors is actually GOLDEN STATE and i dont care if there bad, there still my city.

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