Sheridan: 8 games, 7 stinkers. What does it mean?

Carl LandryWhat, you wanted eight games that were all as compelling as Warriors-Nuggets?

OK, I was disappointed, too, especially on Sunday, with the lack of competitive Game 1s across the NBA. And the real bummer was that in the one game that was a nail-biter, the Warriors lost David Lee for the remainder of the postseason. The award for Most Snake-Bit NBA Player is hereby retired in his honor.

So what will this week bring?

First of all, Carl Landry (pictured to your left) now becomes quite the important player for the ‘Dubs. He is no David Lee, but he is no slouch, either.

Secondly, the important games in every series are the “swing games” — a.k.a Game 2 and Game 4 when a visiting team can completely change the dynamic of a series.

This is a looooong march until the NBA Finals in June, and we are only two days into it. So don’t write off anybody OK? Alright, we’ll exclude the Bucks.

But let’s wait and see what the next few days bring before we jump to any unreasonable conclusions.

More on the playoff action from around the league in this video with CineSport’s Brian Clark:

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