Sheridan: Dwight’s Future, Impact of Injuries, Who Can Come Back from 3-1?

I have been sounding like a broken record talking about Prop 30, the so-called millionaire’s tax, that was adopted by voters last fall in California and levies a 10 percent surcharge on the state’s highest earners. This tax negates whatever financial advantage the Lakers would have in being able to offer larger annual raises to Howard to convince him to stay in Los Angeles.

Also, the Lakers can offer Howard a fifth-year. But you can bet your bottom dollar that the fifth year will be a player option — and that means we will be talking about Dwight’s future four years from now — no matter where he signs. (Players almost automatically opt out of their final year when there is a new max contract available to him, which we should suppose will be the case with Dwight in 2017.)

Dwight’s future, the rash of injuries and my pick for the only team with a chance to come back from its 3-1 deficit are all topics in this video with CineSport’s Noah Coslov.

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