Sheridan: Five Thoughts on Jason Collins

Congratulations to Jason Collins for coming out as the first active male pro sports player to acknowledge his homosexuality.

Of course, this is a big f*cking deal. (only the gay readers got that joke immediately.)

I have 5 thoughts on the matter.

    1. Who cares? The ignorants? Homosexuals are mainstream as far as I am concerned. I understand this is somewhat of a historic moment because gay athletes usually come out after retirement, and technically Jason Collins is an active NBA player (although I might point out that he has spent a majority of his career as an inactive player in the DNP-CD department.) But John Amaechi came out after his retirement from an NBA career spent partly in the gay district of Salt Lake City, which made for some entertaining reading when the story broke. So technically, from a historical standpoint, it is merely a matter of timing.
    2. My best Jason Collins story: In February 2008, word leaked that Collins was being traded from New Jersey to Memphis for Stromile Swift. But something held up the trade for 2 days. So during the uncomfortable interim, the Nets had to play a game – and everyone knew Collins was a goner. So Lawrence Frank played Collins anyway, drew up a play for him on the first offensive play of the game, and Collins converted from the low post. The guys on the Nets loved Jason.
    3. Back to ranting: Why do people care if an athlete or a person is gay or straight? This is a free country, remember? They taught us that in school.  Freedom has no limits. Many Americans are homosexuals. Can’t we accept that?
    4. Collins and Amaechi were not the first. There was a player who played for one of the Texas teams in the late 1990s who was gay. Everyone knew it, and one of the guys who knew it became a big shot at the NBA. The player never came out, and I believe we should respect the rights of those who wish to remain in the closet instead of out. Everyone’s situation is different.
    5. Every man has a penis. What he chooses do to with his penis is his own business. Every woman has a sexual organ, too. And since I don’t want to disappoint you at the bottom of this post, I will direct you below to a semi-recent NBA podcast in which the words “vagina,” “pussy,” “penis” and “vulva” were uttered — all in the course of the conversation. It’s a good listen.

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  1. jerry25 says

    BTW, care to comment as to why Brittney Griner declaring she was Lesbian, wasn’t covered by ESPN? I just learned this today. Just a few weeks ago I was in a private serious discussion as to whether she was XXY chromosone, after hearing her speak. Some Eastern European female Athletes were exposed during the Olympics, when we were young. Somehow I have to believe that ESPN made a decision that it would have been bad for Women’s sports on ESPN, if they made a big deal about it.

    BTW, I do recall that Jason Collins game, after the Stomile Swift trade. Very similar to current Reggie Evans situation. The correct solution to both cases should be to play him less. We believe Thorn traded Collins, just to prevent Frank from playing him too much!

    Sound familiar with Nets about to fire PJ Carlisemo for playing Reggie too much. At least Nets have Andray Blatche, who wasn’t available to Lawrence Frank.

    Finally, the joke around the Nets was that Richard Jefferson was Gay, because he walked away from his wedding at the last moment. I liked both RJ as well as Set Shot Willie.

    We will surely be seeing Collins next year in the NBA. Some Owner/GM will want to show how politically correct they are, and give him a roster spot. Its inevitable. He’s also one of the best to take a charge.

  2. jerry25 says

    I’m straight, and of your generation, but the younger generation has no perspective. I’ve even been criticized (called a Bigot) for using the word “Oriental” to describe someone who I don’t know is Chinese, Korean or Other (and my wife is Chinese!). They say you have to say the word “Asian” these days, even if you are sure they aren’t from India or Pakistan. That is what they are teaching in school. The one thing I despise more than anything in the media is Excessive Political Correctness. Good that you were able to make some fun of this situation. Hope you don’t get in trouble. I hope Chris Broussard doesn’t get in trouble for what he said today after making a good effort to be Politically correct all morning.

    Do you think Broussard had permission to get controversial? He is usually very cautious with his remarks. I think ESPN felt this story was going to get them ratings, as if someone had just walked on the Moon.

    BTW, I think Joe Biden had something to do with your initial remarks. I thought he said that about Obama care passing, but he Did initiate the recent Gay Marriage issue, which is the reason why this story is so Big, and could backfire when the Supreme Court rules in June.

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