Tweet of the Night: Draymond Green responds to George Karl’s sarcastic post-game remark

WarriorsGame 5 at the Pepsi Center between the Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors proved to be quite the chippy one. Unexpectedly down 3-1 in the series and facing elimination, Denver needed to do anything it could to stay alive. Part of its tactic was to try to get in the head of Stephen Curry by playing him more physically, which appeared to help throw the point guard’s game off – he managed to score just 15 points on seven-of-19 shooting.

The Warriors decided to return the favor at various times, including when reserve forward Draymond Green hit Kenneth Faried with a tackle-like hit underneath the basket and picked up a flagrant foul in the process.

After the contest, coach George Karl asked the following question about the rugged forward from Michigan State, courtesy of Rusty Simmons from SF Chronicle:

Denver coach George Karl kicked off the postgame mudslinging by asking, "Did Draymond Green play football or basketball at Michigan State?”
Rusty Simmons

Here is what Draymond had to say about Karl’s sarcastic question:

I guess this answers that huh??? HA FOOTBALL
Draymond Green

Draymond Green

As it turns out, Green did play some football.

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    • Fuck Roger says

      Lets say Faried is coming back from a torn acl and the opposition aims at his knees, would he be whining? you bet your ass

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