Tweet of the Day: Royce White

Wednesday night saw the Houston Rockets go into Oklahoma City as underdogs against the Thunder and walk away with their second straight win and a lion’s share of the series’ momentum.

Given the way in which the game played out, the prevailing observation—by many accounts—was that OKC seemed to have thrown in the towel in the waning minutes of the game when they opted to utilize the “Hack-an-Asik” defensive strategy with hopes of getting back into the game.

The strategy backfired. Houston center Omer Asik made 9-of-14 free-throws during that stretch.

Shortly after the game, Rockets rookie Royce White observed exactly that.


His tweet to Thunder star Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) has since been removed, but he followed it up with a tweet directed toward his team.

And... that's why you play the games. That @ team just looked shook. "They're looking shaky baby."#RedNation
Royce White

Simply stating his opinion—based on what he observed as someone watching the game—no different than anyone else, his comments sparked a Twitter uproar.

Given that he has over 300,000 followers and has already had his share of Twitter controversy this season, it only makes sense that some sensitive fans would end up barking back, apparently taking up White’s entire day Thursday.


  1. A.J. says

    The only “followers” that ass clown should be legally allowed to have are B.F. Skinner and Sigmund Freud.

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