Podcast: WWVD? (What Will Vinny Do)

Vinny Del NegroVinny Del Negro will be coaching his final game with the Los Angeles Clippers tonight when they lose Game 6 to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Wait a minute, is that fair to say? And is that fair to surmise?

No, and maybe.

This much we know: The Clippers have lost three in a row, Blake Griffin is iffy with a sprained ankle, the Clippers are getting virtually nothing from anyone not named Chris Paul or Jamal Crawford, and the time to take desperate measures has arrived — especially for a coach in the final year of his contract.

What might those desperate measures be?

How about starting Crawford over Chauncey Billups? Or maybe starting Eric Bledsoe. Or maybe Matt Barnes over Caron Butler.

Or maybe nothing?

We shall see tonight, as I discussed with Travis Rodgers of KLAA-ESPN Radio in Los Angeles this morning:

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