Podcast: Who Will Win Brooklyn-Chicago Game 7?

My pick lies within this podcast with Richard Neer of WFAN Radio in New York: 


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  1. Jerry25 says

    Everything depends on Nets Passion (lacked it Thursday), and whether Hinrich is playing.

    Bulls will be loose, because not expected to win. Nets could be tight. If Nets start hitting some 3s early, they could win big.

    • Jerry25 says

      BTW Deng and Rose have been ruled out for game. If Rose was going to return in Heat series, he certainly would be playing limited minutes in Nets series.

      Deng had a spinal tap to test for Meningitis (not because of flu). He is still in Chicago hospital because apparently there was leakage of spinal fluid, because he had serious migraines. This is very serious. Hinrich hasn’t done anything other some mild shooting this AM. Will be game time decision to see if he can contribute.

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