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Joakim Noah argues with referee Scott Foster.

Aside from the overarching story being that the Miami Heat decisively won Game 2 against the Chicago Bulls to even the series 1 – 1, there has been plenty of media attention brought to the fourth quarter. Particularly, as things were spiraling out of control for the Bulls, when All-Star center Joakim Noah was ejected from the game.

As he was being escorted from the court to the locker room, a woman in the crowd took it upon herself to extend a hand…with a finger, thrusting the rude gesture—not just at Noah—in his face.

While some may argue that she has a right to freedom of speech and self-expression, Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert strongly disagrees.

Sum fans think they can do n say whatever they want. The woman who flipped off @ is grown. Let me come 2ur job n do that.
Roy Hibbert

Heat fan

While it is probably best that Hibbert refrain from following fans to their jobs, he does make a solid point.

Fans, although passionate, need to demonstrate a level of self-restraint no different than that which is expected of the players themselves. Such actions from fans can become very ugly. Fortunately for the fan (who has now been identified), Noah is as professional as he is passionate. His composure may have spared us another “Malice at the Palace” type brawl.

The fan’s daughter has since addressed the media.

“She’s embarrassed [referring to her mother], but she is being a good sport. She was having fun just like any other fan. All she has to say is that people need to get a life.”

Her response may be rather immature and definitely short-sighted, as she clearly did not take into account the potential negative consequences of her actions.

Additionally, as Miami forward Shane Battier said regarding her actions and the impact they could have on young viewers, “It’s a family show still. It’s still a family show.”

That’s right. NBA basketball is a family friendly show.

Let’s keep it PG, America.


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