Tweet of the Night: Kevin Durant continues to support difficult situation in OKC

Kevin Durant cropThey tried to run with “he’s not nice” as a slogan for Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant. That may very well be true when you’re talking about the way he devastates his opponents on the basketball court, but he is anything but “not nice” off the court.

Durant willingly donated $1 million – no small amount for any athlete or celebrity – to assist in disaster relief efforts of the horrific tornado that hit and devastated Oklahoma on Tuesday. It’s obvious that Durant wishes to support the city he plays for in every way possible during such difficult times, and his efforts continued on Thursday, convincing Nike to support the cause as well.

Reached out to my @ fam to see if they could help Oklahoma.They're in.
Kevin Durant

Nike will match the bar set by Durant and donate $1 million worth of Nike products to those affected by the tornado. Here are the details from the Nike site:

Nike stands with Kevin Durant to support the victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes. $1M worth of Nike products will be donated to those affected by the storms, and the profits from Oklahoma City KD V Elites sold on between May 23 and June 15 will go towards Oklahoma Relief efforts.

It’s trying times like these where some truly show just how much they really care. Durant has been a great role model and is setting quite an example of how to be a positive influence for a community as an athlete.

It’s a great gesture by Nike as well. Handing out athletic equipment won’t necessarily solve any long-term issues, but the willingness to support the victims in any way possible shows the caring and dedication necessary to help them get through this horrifying situation.

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  1. Nate in Lawton OK says

    I think that is a great thing KD did it really shows that he is the best NBA player on and off the court his character is top notch. You don’t see LeBron James giveing a dime so all you KD haters sit back and take notes. KD is the true MVP.

  2. Jared says

    I know KD is a fantastic person, so I’m not knocking him. I just think its funny (in a dark way) that the NBA superstar responds to an awful tragedy by releasing new basketball shoes.

    • Reality says

      Its a way to get people to donate..clearly if asked a lot of people would care less too…atleast your getting something out the deal…considering all proceeds or going to disaster relief

    • Chris says

      Those shoes were out weeks ago. He didn’t release them because of the tornado tragedy they just part of his elite series! Get your facts straight

    • MalJohnson says

      The shoes were already out before the tragedy, he’s wearing them on the KD vs D Wade Gatorade commercial

    • Macy says

      Are you serious? ALL the money from those shoes goes toward Moore,oklahoma. Where I’m from. He gave away 5% of his yearly income, on top of giving away all the money he makes off his new shoes. Yes it is an awful tragedy but its amazing that a superstar is that nice to do something for a community who 5 years ago had no idea even existed. You are knocking him, or you wouldn’t have said it.

      • tNate in Lawton OK says

        Say it again KD has embraced OK as home all these superstar NBA players and not one but KD has done something like this so my hat is off to KD and the entire thunder team Thunder Up 4ever God bless Moore

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