NBA players react to Paul George’s monster dunk over Chris Andersen

Paul George, Rodrigue BeauboisGame 2 between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers on Friday had various moments of craziness and awesomeness from both teams – primarily from LeBron James and Paul George.

LeBron made this incredible pass to Mike Miller just before half time, and had this incredible block against Roy Hibbert. As usual, he was mostly dominant with 36 points on 14-of-20 shooting and eight rebounds. Unfortunately, the uncharacteristically-costly two turnovers he had down the stretch of the fourth quarter that prevented the Heat from having any chance of winning the game will stick out the most for him.

George’s biggest moment came towards the end of the third quarter, when he blew by James and threw down the best dunk of the postseason on Chris “Birdman” Anderson:

James came right back down after the dunk to hit this ridiculous 3-point shot, and the two forwards shared a slap of the hands at the end of the quarter to show respect for each other’s performance:

It was a rare moment for two players going head-to-head in a tense playoff game, which was a pleasure to witness. Mostly, though, players around the league were buzzing about George’s ridiculous dunk, and rightfully so:

Paul George dunk was crazy!!!!!!
James Harden
Daaaaaayummmmm!!! @ And I called the 3!
Baron Davis
Good sportsmanship by LBJ! Rated PG! Slap Five! Just went big bird hunting!!! Bird-Man Bird-Man!
Back to back amazing plays by Paul & Lebron. I love the mutual respect to end the quarter! #NBAPlayoffs
My bro killin @ 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Gregory Smith


  1. JimmyMackey says

    When Paul George made that fly by the Birdman dunk, I thought I would lose my voice from screaming so loudly at the TV. I know with so many games on lately, I can’t see them all, but I like that my DISH Game Finder app on my Hopper DVR gives me reminders of games and where to watch them. I usually end up in a conversation with someone at my job at DISH, so I like to be up to date with what’s going on in the NBA. Even when I’m watching something else I get the scores right on my screen while they change.

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