Kotoch: Mock Draft 3.0.1 — Cavs Would Move No. 1 Pick For Kevin Love

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are fielding calls from everywhere, but the team they’d really like to to make a deal with is Minnesota.

And if the Timberwolves are willing to surrender Kevin Love, the No. 1 pick is available to them, sources tell SheridanHoops.com.

The situation with Love in Minnesota is tricky.

He was offended when the ‘Wolves would not offer him the one five-year deal that is available to them (they are saving it for Ricky Rubio), but he buttressed his displeasure by getting an opt out in his current max deal after the third year.

“I was willing to make a commitment for five years. They thought otherwise,” Love infamously said after reaching agreement with former Wolves GM David Kahn.

The bottom line is that Love can opt out of his contract in 2015, and the Wolves could lose him as an unretricted free agent with nothing in return.

Also, Minnesota has to deal with the restricted free agency of Nikola Pekovic this summer, and as we learned with Omer Asik last summer, teams with cap space can find very creative ways to entice a very valuable player away from his old team.

Also, the Wolves are stacked with picks, holding No. 9, 26, 52 and 59, but they do not have a first-rounder next year in the loaded 2014 draft.  Would an offer of Love and a ’14 No. 1 pick, along with picks 9 and 26, in exchange for Cleveland’s No. 1 constitute overpaying? Depends on how new GM Flip Saunders feels about Noel, the kid from Kentucky with the torn ACL who may become the first overall No. 1 draft pick to walk to the podium using crutches to shake commissioner David Stern’s hand.

The Cavs also love Georgetown’s Otto Porter, but they couldn’t trade down very far and still have a chance to grab him. I don’t see Porter slipping out of the Top 5.

Other chatter we are hearing from around the league:

  • The Knicks really like Shane Larkin, if he is there for them at No. 24. Larkin, in case you missed it, set an NBA combine record with a 44′ inch vertical leap at pre-draft camp in Chicago.
  • Word on the street from our top spy in Greece is that two NBA teams have make first-round promises to Greek Freak Giannis Adetokumbo. We have a strong suspicion that one of those teams is Atlanta, which picks 17th and 18th.
  • The Jazz would love to see C.J. McCollum slip to them at 14, but if he doesn’t seem okay with Michael Carter-Williams or Dennis Schroeder and will look to add a big later in the first round to replenish their depth with Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap both free agents.
  • While Oklahoma City has mostly been linked to bigs in the draft, a source insists the Thunder are intrigued by McCollum and think he could be an upgrade over Kevin Martin in their system. Other names to watch in the first round with the Thunder are Kelly Olynyk, Steven Adams, Rudy Gobert, Jeff Withey, or Gorgui Dieng as the search for Kendrick Perkins’ eventual replacement.
So without further ado, here is Mock 3.0.1., with several  tweaks from Version 3.0.


  1. Max minsker says

    This article is stupid and you’re clearly not aware of how trades work in the nba. Rule number 1, never trade a franchise power forward for a center who has a torn ACL and has a lower ceiling than what the power forward is already giving you. Minnesota has taken Kevin love off the table and at this point Cleveland could offer all four of their picks plus Tristan Thompson and the wolves would hang up. Adding picks on the wolves side is something that wouldn’t make sense to even a casual observer of the nba, you should really take this post down, it’s an embarrassment.

  2. zodiac says

    To be fair to both CLE and MIN, Love is an all-star, top ten player; Irving will be an all-star and top ten player. This is the only trade that makes sense. Look at OKC what happens when you trade a proven talent (which is in high demand in the NBA) like Harden for basically potential — rookies and draft picks. Sorry, no Love for draft picks.

    • jbk says

      There is no way that the Cavs trade Irving. They just keep the pick if that is the case (which I hope they use on McLemore).

    • timmuggs says

      I think a fair trade would be Williams for the #1 pick. Actually, I’d throw in Williams, #9, and either JJ Barea or Luke Ridnour for the #1 pick and an early 2nd rounder.

      Only way the Wolves give up Love is if Cleveland first signs LBJ, and then we trade Love & Williams for LBJ.

      Probably will not happen, just like the one proposed in this article. BTW, I do not fault the journo for publishing this. If it is actual noise coming from Cleveland FO, it should be reported.

  3. Surgio Armani says

    As a Cavs fan, I’d love to see Kevin Love come to Cleveland, but this makes no sense. At face value, the article says Minnesota doesn’t have a 2014 first round pick, yet later says the Wolves would trade Love plus their ’14 first round. If you assume a typo, the deal still isn’t possible with the Cavs sending their 2014 pick because it’s prohibited by the Stepein Rule to trade your first round pick two years in a row.

  4. chris says

    You are a fucking idiot.

    On no planet (regardless of he said-she said bs with his contract) is any player in this draft worth love.

    Please tell me you didn’t go to Journalism School…..

  5. says

    Sheridan hoops, ” for intelligent readers”! Good thing that doesnt count for the writers. Apply for a job for nbatraderumors.com instead kotosch, Even they would laugh at this horrible idea. U just lost all credabilty!

  6. Young Melon says

    In other news, if Howard wants to play for the league minimum, the Bulls would consider signing him.

    Is this site for real? I feel like they’re just trolling readers at this point.

  7. Kev says

    Such a bad trade. This trade would basically put the wolves back into REBUILD mode. Start From Scratch AGAIN. Such a rip off. Cavs will switch position with wolves from being a lottery team to a contender and wolves who are a 7th, 8th seed contender (when healthy) will be put back into another lottery years again

  8. j. says

    this is effing hilarious…we’re trading Love, the best PF in the game, for a center with a torn ACL…all so we can resign our other center at a premium. “basketball reasons”

  9. Klaus says

    Mr. Kotoch you lost it, Love for #1 #19 and 2014 would be a robbery but you tweak it and propose Love PLUS #9 PLUS #26 for #1 and a 2014 1st round. BRAVO. Not even the worst delusional fan in B/R comments section could it better.

  10. Tom says

    OK, I’m a Wolves fan, so may be a bit biased, but WTF? Minnesota wouldn’t trade Love ALONE for the #1 overall pick, let alone throwing in 3 additional picks.

    What a misguided, delusionally uninformed fool.

  11. Billy the Kid says

    Good f***ing lord. Is this serious? Or is this a mockery of a mock draft (if there even is such a thing)?

    This site peaked when it launched but has gone consistently downhill ever since. Piss-poor layout, obnoxious ads, and some of the absolute worst content I’ve ever read (prime example above). I could find better analysis on any NBA message board and half of those are filled with 12 year olds.

    The Love deal you mention should embarrass you. Sheridan was well a well respected member of the media, but this should embarrass him as well since his name is on the site. A site that is no better than BleacherReport.

    I’d like a blowie from Kate Upton and to flip a 2nd rounder for LeBron, but it doesn’t mean I should put it into writing and release it on the Internet.

  12. Jack Burton says

    Wow, you are a fooking idiot. “And if the Timberwolves are willing to surrender Kevin Love, the No. 1 pick is available to them, sources tell SheridanHoops.com.” Really, wow what a great deal for the Wolves. I have a source too that says the Timberwolves #9 pick is available to Miami for Lebron James. You try and write like you have any credibility but this is just like Bleacherreport, fan masterbation at absurd trade fantasies.

  13. Aaron says

    I’m a Cavs fan, so this sounds great and all, but I agree with Matt that the proposed offer is crazy – no way the Wolves would ADD picks to Love to get the #1 in this year’s draft; it would have to be the other way around. Maybe Kotoch meant that the Cavs would give up the #1 pick this year plus their 2014 first for Love? In fact, it almost has to be that this is what he meant, since the Wolves’ 2014 first is already owed to the Suns (albeit with some protections).

  14. Matt says

    “Would an offer of Love and a ’14 No. 1 pick, along with picks 9 and 26, in exchange for Cleveland’s No. 1 constitute overpaying?”

    Seriously? Kevin Love is better than every player in this years draft and you think offering three #1’s along with him in plausible? Minnesota should be asking for FAR more than the #1 pick for Love.

    • Paul says

      He said Minnesota didn’t have a 1st rounder in ’14, so I’m guessing he meant to say Cavs ’14 No. 1 along with the top pick this year to Minnesota plus we’d have to send players (Verejao?) to match salary.

      • Joe says

        Maybe he should proof his article before posting then…

        Doesn’t matter Saunders isn’t trading Love this off-season when his value is at a low point, or be absolutely blown away by an offer. Love plus 9 and 26 for 1 and 2014 1st gets the dial tone.

        • Jason says

          Love, #9, and #26 for #1 and a 2014 1st should get a punch in the face. The #1 pick in this draft holds about the same value as a mid-lottery pick in most drafts.

          If you want more than a dial tone, it’d have to be Love for Thompson, Waiters, #1, and 2014 #1 unprotected (+salary fillers).

          • jbk says

            If the Wolves do this I think it is because they want McLemore so I don’t think Waiters would work. I could see this year’s pick, next year’s pick, the Heat/Sacramento pick and Thompson and Zeller. Not sure you need the salary fillers. As a Cavs fans this would make me nervous because Love is a free agent in two years.

      • Jamie says

        You don’t need contracts to match when the team taking on the salary (in this case Cleveland) in under the cap enough to take on that salary.


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