SH Blog: Jalen Rose expects Howard to land in Houston, Granger expects to start next season


We’ve done just about all the coverage you can handle about the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs over the past few days, before watching them play a single game against each other.

If you missed it, be sure to check out Chris Sheridan’s explanation on why he’s taking the Spurs in 7 in this video, Moke Hamilton’s list of five factors of the series (with staff predictions), and even President Obama’s preparations to watch the final series of the season.

220px-Jalen_Rose_Detroit_BME_Leadership_AwardsThat said, it’s time to let things take their course and have them play one out before any further evaluation. So lets move onto other stories from around the league.

We’ll start with some thoughts from Jalen Rose about why he doesn’t think Kobe Bryant will try to recruit Dwight Howard, and why he expects Howard to land in Houston. Here’s the Grantland video:

  • LeBron JamesLeBron James will never forget the Spurs celebrating on his home floor six years ago in Cleveland, from Stefan Bondy of Daily News: “The stench of an embarrassing sweep was impossible to read on a 22-year-old James in that moment, when Duncan told the youngster from Akron, “this is going to be your league,” and they hugged in front of reporters and cameras. But for James, this is hardly the fond memory it appears. ”It was cool for you guys,” he said at his press conference Wednesday. “It wasn’t cool for me.”… ”I have something in me that they took in ’07,” he says. “They beat us on our home floor (in Cleveland), celebrated on our home floor. I won’t forget that.”
  • 160px-Bruce_bowen_cpBruce Bowen explained the difference between the LeBron from six years ago and the current version of him, from The Washington Post: “You can’t just win it on your own in the playoffs,” Bowen said. “It’s one of those deals where you’re learning, it’s on the job training in its best form. It’s those sink or swim moments. And he sank in two of those moments [against San Antonio and Dallas]. And now he’s starting to do things and, I mean, look at his season, he shot 56 percent from the field? That’s video game stuff. . . . He works so hard. I don’t think people really realize how much he works. I asked him once, What is it that motivates you? He said, ‘Bruce, I want to be the best.’ ”When asked how he would guard James now, Bowen said James has become so advanced that he has turned most opponents’ defensive schemes against them and still managed to come out ahead.”

While Clippers were granted permission last night to talk with Hollins, the Nets have not received permission, according to a CA source
Ronald Tillery

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  1. Hi there, just wanted to say, I enjoyed this blog post. It was practical. Keep on posting!

  2. Jerry25 says:

    Re: Dwight. He is probably counting down the days left to stay away from Kobe. Maybe he finds another place to go fishing.

    Re: Hollins. An updated tweet by David Aldridge states that Nets need only ask and they will be granted permission to speak with Hollins. Apparently ESPN screwed up with the initial story that Nets asked for permission to speak with Hollins on Monday, AM, June 3, just 1 day after Memphis reportedly gave teams permission to speak with him.

    “If Nets ask 2 interview Hollins, they’ll get OK, per sources. MEM had rejected all requests before officially giving Hollins permission Sun.”

    Broussard further screwed up by confirming the Tillery tweet rather than getting the story straight. Nets had actually asked permission to speak to Hollins (and were denied) on May 28, 4 days before the Grizz finished discussions with Hollins.

    Nets are probably waiting for Hollins to realize he won’t get the Clippers position, and demonstrate interest in the Nets position. Nets of course can outbid any team, but also may be the best destination, in an easier Eastern Conference.

    If Shaw goes to LAC (he wants to return to LA), then all that would be needed for Nets to lock up Hollins, is for him to explain some of the complaints cropping up about Hollins being too rigid with players and listening to advice from front office. The Nets players have said they want a Veteran coach who is tough.

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