Video: Hamilton on Game 2 changes for Heat, Spurs

We know the Miami Heat have to be better in Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night.

But can the San Antonio Spurs be better?

The Heat’s issues have been well-documented. LeBron James needs to be more of a scorer. Role players such as Udonis Haslem and Norris Cole have to contribute more than the collective 6-of-15 showing they managed in the opener.

The biggest area of improvement may lie with Chris Bosh’s shot selection. Bosh has become another 3-point shooter in this postseason. But he was 0-of-4 outside the arc in Game 1 and 6-of-12 inside it.

One area where the Heat cannot count on improvement is transition points. The Spurs tied a Finals record with just four turnovers in Game 1 and, given the precision in running their offense, that number will not increase in any dramatic way.

In this video with Cinesport’s Noah Coslov, I discuss those issues and areas where the Spurs can play better in Game 2.

Click on the box to give a listen.

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