Mock Draft 6.0: Cavs Love Len and Can Get Shawn Marion

nbadraft13_300x250_3 (1)Less than one week until the NBA Draft, and all eyes are on Cleveland.

The Cavs hosted all of the top prospects this week, and their board is close to finalized with Alex Len of Maryland goin No. 1 unless the pick is traded.

Also, sources tell the Cavs are in serious discussions to acquire Shawn Marion from Dallas in a lopsided trade that would allow them to move up from No. 19 to No. 13 in the first round by relieving the Mavs of Marion’s $9.3 million salary, allowing  Mark Cuban more salary cap flexibility to use on July 1.

You can bet your bottom dollar on this: If the draft were held today, the Cavaliers would select Alex Len with the top pick. The Cavs believe he is the best fit long-term alongside Kyrie Irving.

Cleveland has the cap space to absorb Marion’s contract, and they view him as an upgrade over Alonzo Gee in their pursuit of a playoff spot next season. Sources say Cleveland is eyeing Sergey Karasev at 13.

Also, Cleveland is willing to package their two picks in the second round (Nos. 31 and 33) for a late first-rounder if they see a player they value slipping.

While Len rises, Nerlens Noel and Ben McLemore continue to slip. Noel, due in part to his ACL injury, should be available for Washington at 3, but the Wizards might opt to draft Otto Porter instead.

McLemore’s troubles stem from his inner circle and poor conditioning. McLemore has not been impressive at workouts in Phoenix or Cleveland. One executive who watched McLemore said “Jamaal Franklin looked like a better prospect than him, and he’s still recovering from a sprained ankle.”

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope has impressed multiple teams during workouts and now is primed to be selected in the back end of the lottery, if not earlier. One team with a first-round pick believes that Oklahoma City will pull the trigger on Caldwell-Pope. Detroit and Minnesota are two teams to also watch with Caldwell-Pope, who has been soaring up boards the last few weeks.

On the trade front there are at least three lottery picks that are very available. Minnesota and Portland, along with the aforementiond Mavs, continue to reach out to teams to discuss potential deals as their respective draft picks are available to the highest bidder.

Watch out for these names on draft night as they are on the rise: Ricky Ledo, Jamaal Franklin, Glen Rice Jr., and Myck Kabongo, all of whom have been impressive during workouts and could hear their names called during the first round. Franklin, who is still recovering from a sprained ankle, has been showcasing an improved jumper.

Without further ado, here is Mock Draft 6.0:

1. Cleveland Cavaliers – Alex Len, C, Maryland (7’1, 11.9 ppg, 7.8 rpg, 2.1 bpg)

cavs small logoAlexLenSources continue to insist that if the draft were held today and Cleveland makes this pick that Len would edge out Ben McLemore, Anthony Bennett and Nerlens Noel. The Cavs apparently feel that Len’s ability on both ends of the court better mix with budding star Kyrie Irving and would give the team the dynamic combo it needs to push for the playoffs.

As reports continue to surface about McLemore and Noel and their circles, the Cavs seem more inclined to take Len, who still has room to develop. Len is a long and lengthy defender who can block shots and rebound, though not at the impactful level of a healthy Noel.

Len’s signature right now is his developed offensive game in the post and facing the basket. With Irving and Len, Cleveland could have a really impressive pick-and-pop game.

2. Orlando Magic – Victor Oladipo, SG, Indiana (6’5, 13.6 ppg, 6.3 rpg, 2.1 apg)

Orlando MagicoladipoSources say Orlando is very interested in Eric Bledsoe and is prepared to deal Arron Afflalo to the Clippers to get him. GM Rob Hennigan has been aggressive in acquiring assets and has assembled a good core of young players.

With a potential hole at shooting guard to fill, the Magic have their choice of Ben McLemore and Oladipo. Both guards represent better value and have higher ceilings than Trey Burke. The current preference is Oladipo, who projects as a better defender and is a better athlete than McLemore.

Although McLemore has been as high as No. 1 in our earlier mocks, Oladipo looks to be making a push. Considering Hennigan came from Oklahoma City, going with a play that has a high upside, high character and is very long and athletic makes the most sense. While Oladipo has continually risen up NBA draft boards, McLemore has started to slip a bit, and that could see him fall more than initially anticipated.

3. Washington Wizards – Otto Porter, SF, Georgetown (6’8, 16.9 ppg, 7.5 rpg, 2.7 apg)

wizards small logoOttoPorterThe Wizards might be the biggest winners from the lottery by vaulting into the top three. Washington has built a strong backcourt with John Wall and Bradley Beal. Now it must find a big man or small forward to complement them.

Just up the road at Georgetown, Porter enjoyed a breakout season and could give the Wizards a dynamic and lethal scoring trio. If there was a clear-cut big man to take here, Washington would.

Playing for the Wizards will allow Porter to utilize his skill set on both ends and not have to put the team on his back like at Georgetown. Porter excels in multiple areas and would fit in well with a team that has two primary ballhandlers because of his ability to play off the ball and effect the game in other areas.

His ceiling may not be as high as UNLV’s Anthony Bennett, but Porter projects as a much safer pick. Washington might be enticed by Nerlens Noel here, but with his rehabilitation spilling into the regular season, the Wizards might pass.

4. Charlotte Bobcats – Nerlens Noel, C, Kentucky (6’10, 10.5 ppg, 9.5 rpg, 4.4 bpg)

bobcats small logoNoel-KentuckyIt’s safe to say that the Bobcats would be pleasantly surprised if McLemore and Noel slipped to them on draft night. While McLemore would make sense here, Noel has the most upside of any player. If healthy, he gives the Bobcats one of the longest and most athletic frontcourts in the league.

The Bobcats are a franchise that can afford to take Noel and not rush him back to the court as they are likely to be cellar-dwellers again next season.

It’s not too late for Noel to rise up the board again, but his stock is slipping with persistent questions about his knee, weight and inner circle.

5. Phoenix Suns – Ben McLemore, SG, Kansas (6’5, 15.9 ppg, 5.2 rpg, 42% 3pt)

Phoenix_Suns_logosheetMcLemoreNew GM Ryan McDonough would be thrilled to see McLemore slip to him, as some believe he is the top player in this draft.

Checking around the league, McLemore is slipping due to his unclear agent situation. Most teams don’t seem concerned by the Rodney Blackstock reports. Whatever the concerns, they shouldn’t cause McLemore to fall too far. When a player with his combination of talent, athleticism and shooting is available, they go high.

McLemore does have his flaws, but this would be a great start for the new front office. While Anthony Bennett would be tempting here, finding a running mate and shooter to pair with Goran Dragic could be the main focus. Pairing McLemore and Dragic in the backcourt could be just what the Suns need to boost their offensive production.

6. New Orleans Pelicans – Trey Burke, PG, Michigan (6’0, 18.6 ppg, 6.7 apg, 3.2 rpg)

TreyBurkeNew Orleans Pelicans logoNo chance New Orleans passes on Burke. Austin Rivers showed he is not a point guard, and if given the chance to take Burke – who had an outside shot at the top pick – the Pelicans will rush the stage on draft night. With Rivers and Eric Gordon, the Pelicans are deep at shooting guard and can even entertain trade offers for Gordon, who is signed to a massive extension.

The Pelicans took their centerpiece last year in Anthony Davis. Now New Orleans must surround him with talent. Burke is one of the quickest guards in the draft and can get by most defenders. With as much success as rookie point men have had the last few seasons (see Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving), the Pelicans look to get theirs.


  1. says

    Nasagot niyo din po tanong niyo, mga fonregreis po kasi bida. Ang weird naman na fonregreis characters tapos nag tatagalog. Hindi na yun makatotohanan pag ganoon kahit pa sabihin nating fiction toh. Mas disturbing pag ganoon.

  2. Donovan says

    What I want to know is, what happened to the championship Dan Gilbert promised he would deliver before James won one?

  3. chitsweire says

    “No chance New Orleans passes on Burke. Austin Rivers showed he is not a point guard, and if given the chance to take Burke – who had an outside shot at the top pick – the Pelicans will rush the stage on draft night.”

    Joe Kotoch showed he is not a good analyst. The Pelicans have this guy named Greivis Vasquez who started 78 games at point guard for them last year, averaging 14 ppg and 9 apg. He has improved across the board every year of his career and can clearly be the Pelicans’ PG of the future.

  4. jerry25 says

    Regarding Shawn Marion, simple question: Marion has a 9.3 M player option. Wouldn’t Cavs need assurance that Marion would accept his player option as a condition to make the trade?

  5. A.J. says

    If so, it sounds like another Chris Grant idiot special. One career of a slow, non-rebounding, crappy defending Ilgauskas was bad enough, now the rumor du jour is they’re going to draft his stress-fractured little brother and then pay him like Greg Oden. Ooh, shrewd. It would be as if Danny Ferry was never fired.

    • A.J. says

      Apparently you’re not familiar with the Cleveland Cavaliers’ braintrust, otherwise you wouldn’t have said something as dumb as Kotoch is on crack. They draft and make all of their trades by using nothing but gonzo analytics. Then after their computer explodes, they pick a name out of a hat. They also negotiate all of their player contracts by playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey. It’s sheer genius at work. It’s why James had to play one on five on both offense and defense for seven years, and it’s why Sheridan has won almost as many NBA games in the past three years as they have.

      • RealBadAnimals says

        Thing is, Len’s advanced statistics/analytics are not stellar. He won’t be the pick. Kotoch has no clue what he’s talking about.

        • A.J. says

          You must have skipped over the part where I said that after their computer explodes, they pick a name out of a hat. They always had a moronic love affair with the mediocre Zydrunas Ilgauskas, the guy and his contract that really killed James’ chance for a title in Cleveland. Len is the next best thing to more mediocrity, soft as Charmin, can’t rebound, no strength, and can’t play with his back to the basket. It doesn’t help that Ilgauskas now also fetches the coffee and doughnuts for Chris Grant. I tend to believe that if they don’t trade the pick, they’ll take Len before they take a human popsicle stick.

        • chitsweire says

          Len’s advanced stats aren’t that great because he had no PG play whatsoever and didn’t see nearly enough of the ball.


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