Miami Heat championship parade nearly catastrophic

As with most any sports championship, the victor is often treated to a parade in their home city.

Some parades have ended famously in tale of tragedy, such as the incident wherein the Copa del Rey trophy was crush by Real Madrid’s tour bus during their La Liga championship parade in 2011.

The Miami Heat could have lost something much more valuable.

It would seem that the city streets of Miami have a lot of low hanging overpasses. However, the overpass in the video was a pretty common height, clearly labeled as 14’6″. When you factor in the height of the bus, then add the height of the players standing on the open-top roof, the potential risk escalates.

Just as recently as nearly seven months ago, in December of 2012, an 11-foot tall charter bus crashed into a low overpass at the Miami International Airport. While that incident was the driver’s fault — having taken a wrong turn and ignoring multiple warning signs before the crash, had something gone wrong during the Heat’s parade, a lot of blame would be given to a lot of parties.

There aren’t too many people in the city of Miami, much less America, that would let the bus driver, his bus company, or the Miami Heat team organization off the hook if the two-time NBA Finals and four-time league MVP LeBron James were severely injured in collision with an overpass.

Fortunately, nothing went wrong, the Heat’s celebratory parade ended without incident and the league still has its most valuable player.


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