Sources: Bobcats Shopping Kidd-Gilchrist to Draft Otto Porter

BobcatsThe Charlotte Bobcats are shopping Michael Kidd-Gilchrist around the league, confident they will be able to replace him with Otto Porter of Georgetown with the No. 4 pick in Thursday’s draft.

The reason the Bobcats braintrust of Rich Cho and owner Michael Jordan believe Porter will be available is because, SheridanHoops has learned from league sources, the Washington Wizards are determined to draft Anthony Bennett of UNLV with the No. 3 pick.

A second league source said the Bobcats have been working the phones, gauging the interest level among teams for the 2nd pick in the 2012 NBA Draft.

“MKG” had an up-and-down rookie season for the Bobcats averaging 9.0 ppg, 5.8 rpg, 1.5 apg, 0.9 bpg and 0.7 spg. Among the teams most interested, according to the source, are the Milwaukee Bucks, Golden State Warriors, Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics.

Charlotte has targeted Harrison Barnes of the Warriors as the player they would most like to acquire, but a straight-up offer of Kidd-Gilchrist would not be enough.

The Bucks are targeting small forwards after trading Tobias Harris to Orlando for J.J. Redick, and they had their sights set on Crotian Dario Saric before he withdrew from the draft last week. Milwaukee, has the 15th pick, is looking for a defensive-minded small forward and believe Kidd-Gilchrist would be a good fit in coach Larry Drew’s system.

Boston, which presumably will be looking for a replacement for Paul Pierce, who can be bought out for $5 million by June 30 but is more likely to be traded, has the No. 16 pick.

The Hawks have picks Nos. 17 and 18 but very few other trade assets other than John Jenkins, the 23rd overall pick in 2012. The only other Hawks players currently under contract are Al Horford and Lou Williams, although Jeff Teague and Ivan Johnson are expected to receive qualifying offers that will make them restricted free agents.

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  1. Collin says

    I hope Bob Meyers isn’t stupid enough to trade an emerging Barnes for MKG and a couple of picks or whatever. If anything, the Warriors need to trade Thompson or Lee before trading Barnes, the sky is the limit for that kid.

    We all know what Lee is and it’s becoming pretty apparent what Thompson is, a guy who can shoot the lights out and play pretty good D for about 25 min and then takes stupid shots and can’t finish at the rim for the other 23 min.

    Not saying I would want to trade him at all because he still has some upside and he looks like he has a decent basketball IQ when he isn’t just trying to heat check, but he is just limited athletically and doesn’t seem crafty enough around the rim. Harrison Barnes does not have those limitations as Nikola Pekovic would tell you….or Aaron Gray….or Ersan Ilyasova….or Anthony Randolph. Yeah, ask those guys about Barnes.

  2. Vic says

    If the Cavs are willing to part with the top pick for MKG, I do it in a heartbeat…They have enough ammo to move back up into the lottery and get their big man. doubt it though.

    • Scott says

      How is MKG worth the top pick? I said it last year the Cats should have picked Barnes. Cho and Jordan can’t keep saying my bad a year after making the pick.

  3. CDB says

    Sorry, this trade rumor is completely bogus. A number of people close to and inside of the organization have basically said, “no way in hell”.

    Also, for future reference, you might want to make sure you get the names of players and the spelling of the main player of the article correct if you want your article to have any credibility.

    Gotta love it. 48 hours from the draft, and people just start throwing lawn darts at names for trade targets, MKG isn’t going anywhere.

  4. Stephen says

    Enough of this basketball-less-front office-no marque player- franchise- bafoonery.
    Just give us the satisfaction of knowing that you tried to go after CP3 and Dwight.
    And if that don’t work how about Rudy Gay and Iguadala.
    Josh Smith and Ariza are upgrades from what we have.
    I’d take Granger straight up for MKG.
    Time to break the bank.
    If we keep MKG then he and Kemba need to come off the bench.

    • steppxxxz says

      josh smith is the very definition of overrated. Gay is close. Iguodala is great….but he’s like MKG…..mostly defense. In fact thats who MKG is going to be in two years.

      why does anyone still want dwight???????????????????????

      • Stephen says

        Smith is better than anyone on present roster. Dwight, when right is best center in league. And even if he is damaged goods his marketability and ability to fill seats is a tremendous upgrade. Plus we are not in Boston or LA. We have to build small market teams differently. If you don’t want Dwight then take you sorry franchise and live with empty seats and mediocre lottery picks.
        Plus Gay, Smith and Iguadala would be a solid big three IMO.
        Gotta get better players than we have to get wins.

  5. OB says

    If this is remotely true, the Bucks have to be looking at it closely. The #15 pick and Ilyasova for MKG would be a pretty nice great move for Milwaukee.

  6. Stephen says

    Here is the game plan. Mike needs to go all out to develope a strategy through free agency. He also should have drafted Barnes in the first place.
    Go after CP3 and Dwight. Give them part ownership in the team if you have too.
    Sign Igudala or Rudy Gay and Ariza.
    Get rid of Gordon and Henderson.
    Bring MKG and Kemba off bench.
    Get rid off Thomas and McBob.
    Clear the floor for pick and rolls.
    Clear the air for lob city.

  7. SJ says

    No idea how much truth there is to this rumor… but I wonder how much people would be interested if there were legitimate trade offers…

    Something like Future Pick and Jeff Green or Avery Bradley for MKG? I’d definitely be interested in that…

  8. says

    Who is this Andrew Bennett fellow?

    Giving up on MKG after one year is a pretty bad idea. Giving up on anyone not named Hasheem Thabeet is, really.

  9. steppxxxz says

    the assumption is that otto porter is some how a starter. He’s probably not. This is a terrible draft and i have a feeling people wont grasp that until next year. Its always the same story before a draft…..people, fans, GMs , fall in love with a number of prospects. MKG is a stud……….his scoring wil come…christ he was a rookie on a crap team. Even tony parker couldnt shoot much for two years. MKG is an elite defender…….fans just never value that enough. Does charlotte need a scorer? yes….for sure….they need everything….but dont trade a standout defender in desperation and reach for an average talent like Porter.

  10. Granville Townes says

    I like the idea, get it done. Kidd-Gilchrist will never be the offensive threat Porter is. Why would waste a 2nd overall pick on a player who can’t score. Makes no sense, and does not help the team. Most games 60% of our starting lineup were not a threat to score. This must change go get Porter

    • jobobway celtics way says

      ha ha ha thats right doesnt anyone remember that Greeb led the Celts in scoring in the playoffs? if he wakes up and shores up his defense he’ll be fine. As much as i love him, id like to see a Paul pierce strait up for mKG, at least we would have a halfway decent building block. I am NOT looking forward to watching the men in green this year, lets at least get younger and build around Rondo and hope for some better drafts in the next year or two. KG i luv ya man, sorry but you and Paul deserve a better way of going out…lets get some youing guys for those two Now

  11. steppxxxz says

    stunningly stupid……god, MKG is a game changer. Dont blame the players for playing on the worst team in the league with the, hands down, worst roster. Jeff taylor, Kemba and MKG are all very talented guys….just have no chance in bobcat land. Someone smart will snatch up MKG:

  12. Jason Warren says

    So the Bobcats are suppose to draft Porter, a SF, and then trade MKG for another SF?

    Yeah…… No.

    • says

      Well draft talent, Trade for need Cho philosophy, But on draft day, anything could happen. Plus we now know Boston is in unload and rebuild mode.


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