Tweet of the Night: Ty Lawson makes fun of Kenneth Faried showing off his buns

Tyson Chandler NudeEvery year, a couple of NBA athletes are chosen to be a part of ESPN The Magazine’s “Body Issue”, where the players strip down to almost nothing to show off all parts of their bodies. It’s a way of celebrating and admiring the amazing physique of some of the best around the league.

Last season, Tyson Chandler and Blake Griffin were chosen to grace the cover. This season, Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried and Washington Wizards point guard John Wall were chosen to show off their goods.

It’s great to show off your body as art for these athletes, but when you’re letting it all hang out (the back, that is) like this, you’re bound to be called out for it by your peers. Faried’s teammate Ty Lawson did just that, as you can see below:


I guess I gotta take the rookies under my wings a lil earlier… @KennethFaried35 out here actin up … Got his buns all over magazines #mommawemadeit smh


One thing’s for sure: the ladies are enjoying these shots a lot more than the guys.

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